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Tone and Themes

The below is written with regard to the sensibilities of certain players as a content warning. If it takes a lot to upset you, and you are fine with most subject matter, you needn't read further.

The setting lore and stories that take place within Colico can, at times, cover mature/adult subject matter, or draw inspiration contemporary/historical troubles in the real world. To try and keep the tone semi-consistent, the below will outline what sort of things players can expect out of the world and story.

How serious/silly you choose to make things in your private RP is a matter between you and your RP partners. How serious/silly events are will vary between different stories and story-tellers, naturally.

Speaking personally, as me, Sage, the below is simply the standard that I will be defaulting to in the main story events I run and the lore that I write on this wiki.

Remember: It's Fantasy.

Colico is not a grimdark, dystopian setting. For all the troubles in the world, listed below, it is ultimately a fantasy, and one that aims to remain more thrilling, suspenseful, and mysterious rather than morbid, horrific, or pretentious.

It is all a fantasy. Cheerful things, and cheerful characters exist, as do dark and potentially upsetting ones. Just do your best to not set your expectations too far into either the comical or serious side.

Things That Exist

Whether such things appear explicitly in an event/storyline or not, they are things that do exist in lore.

  • War: It's not pretty. As things are in fantasy, there are a great many battles against ferocious monsters, mindless robots, or demonic specters. Often times, such large battles are also fought against human foes. Some characters may take this very seriously, others may not.
  • Human trafficking and slavery: Though it is universally illegal across the world, such crimes are still practiced all throughout Colico, and it is, unfortunately, a profitable trade. Some characters may find this practice abhorrent, others will not.
  • Genocide: Sometimes, throughout history, a person or force, tangible or fantastical in nature, seeks to kill a lot of people and succeeds.
  • Gore: Swords, spells, bullets and bombs are all very effective at hurting people. Sometimes, the wounds left by these weapons are excessive. (See note below.)

Things That Also Exist

For all the things listed above, Colico is still a hodge-podge of inspiration and borrowed ideas from popular fiction, and so too will the sorts of characters that players populate it with, no doubt.

It's a setting with elves that come from space, musical instruments that double as firearms, robotic maid servants, and probably, somewhere, a dragon made out pure diamond. Not a statue! Like, the real, living thing.

When in doubt, ask.

Things Not Explored

Below, I'll detail as broadly as I, Sage, speaking personally, don't typically explore in my world-building on this setting or in the events of stories I run, because I do not believe they will make for a fun time.

They're limits I set for myself- You may choose to ignore these in your private, consensual RP, or player-run events, if you warn people accordingly. If you ask me if these things are a good idea, however, you can expect a 'no.'

  • Realistic Racism: Most of the sentient races in Colico are humanoid, some very much so. It may not be uncommon for a certain town to give goblins the stink-eye, or poke fun at an elf's pointy ears, but I avoid such discrimination in lore when it comes down to nothing more than someone's skin color.
  • Torture Porn: Some characters may suffer gruesome deaths, but I aim to not revel in it or describe such things excessively to the point of being truly disgusting.
  • Sexual Abuse/Violence: Such things happen a great deal in the real world, but I choose to not allude to or imply them in this setting, as it is a very sensitive topic for many people.
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