As of the launch of Colico, this wiki article is considered complete! If you're reading this, note that minor details are subject to change. Please offer feedback on the Forums! –Sage

General Rules

Colico is a moderated RP space, that presents and expects a level of maturity. This page outlines both what is expected of players, in general. Directly below, there are also some handy links, explaining what you can expect from this server, and how certain things work.

Tone and Theme | Approvals | Staff Team

Most Important Rules

The rules below are enforced most strictly, and breaking any of these will most likely result in a permanent ban. Speaking personally, as me, Sage, in my ~4 years of GMing RP communities, I have only ever had to 'ban' less than three people.

  • Do not harass or threaten other players, either on the server, website, IRC, or outside the community.
  • Do not attack other players on the grounds of their race, gender, orientation, beliefs, or background. Don't crack 'edgy', 'shocking', or intentionally offensive jokes about such things, either.
  • Do not steal or plagiarize the creative work and contributions of staff and players alike. This includes art, writing, and similar expressions.
  • Do not steal or plagiarize our dice system. It is homebrewed specifically for, and only for this server.
  • Do not attempt to decrypt our RO client, or steal/share its assets.
  • Do not attempt to use third-party programs to cheat with or modify our RO client ingame.

General Guidelines

The following applies both ingame and out of it, and is fairly broad.

  • Be respectful to staff and players. Roleplaying is a social activity, and the community cannot function if we can't collectively get along. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and many of us have probably played on other RP servers together in the past. Set past disputes aside at the door.
  • Be respectful of others' consent. Everyone has different sensibilities, and different topics/themes that they are comfortable with exploring. Do not initiate, or force RP of a graphic, disturbing, or uncomfortable manner on others in private without asking first. In public, try to stay in line with the tone/explicite-ness of the server in general (detailed below.)
  • Be respectful of our shared community. Disagreements can and likely will happen, and should a conflict arise between you and another players, you should strive to settle it quietly and discreetly amongst yourselves. Otherwise, seek a GM to mediate.

Site Guidelines

This applies to the forums and IRC channel specifically.

  • Keep NSFW limited to spoiler tags or text links. Label it accordingly as NSFW.
  • Reviving old threads is fine, if there is a good reason for it.
  • Double/triple/and-so-on posting is fine, if there is reason for it. Otherwise, just edit your last post with an addendum.

Roleplaying Guidelines

This applies ingame, either in general RP or in events and GM/player-run storylines.

  • Stay in-character. Use @OOC if you need to say something out-of-character.
  • If you have a lot of things to say out-of-character, then take it to the IRC channel or a private chat out of game. Excessive @OOC use is annoying.
  • Learn about the setting. Colico is a big world, but this wiki is written in a such that the most important stuff is made brief and clear, and the fluff/less important lore is labeled and can be skimmed or glossed over.
  • The more we get to know you, the more you can do! Be open with the community, and the staff team. We don't pick favorites: If a character has certain perks or seems 'special', chances are it's just because the player has a good record and ran the idea by a GM first. When in doubt, ask!
  • Don't meta-game. Be mindful that you may know things about the story, setting, or other characters that the character you play does not.
  • Don't god-mode. Be mindful of your character's capabilities, and don't assume success in difficult actions or play your character as if they can know/do anything and everything.
  • Don't make it personal. Keep IC conflicts IC, and don't think it means the other character's player has something against you. Similarly, do not antagonize another character ICly over an OOC disagreement you have with their player.
    • However, you should, again, be mindful of what sorts of RP the other player is comfortable with. Read the above guideline on consent and graphic subject matter.
  • If you so choose to indulge in erotic RP, or eRP, then keep it in a private spot, and preferably limited to the party chat channel. (That includes actions, as the @me command appears in the main chat channel.)
    • It shouldn't need to be said, but don't solicit other players for such RP, either. (This, again, goes back to the guideline on consent.)
  • Keep it believable. Though it is a wild and wonderful fantasy world, getting shot still hurts a lot, doing a triple backflip takes significant finesse, and you can't learn to be a doctor in a month.
  • Speaking personally, as me, Sage, a fan of anime and Japanese culture in general… Please don't go full animu in your RP. Reign it in! Keep it minimal, or just don't! uwaaa u\\\u
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