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New Players Guide

Step 1: Sign Up for Colico!

To get started, come on down and say hello on our Official Discord Channel! Discord is a handy desktop (or browser-based, but we recommend the former) chatroom where you can hang out with the community and chat about nearly anything! We use it to communicate out-of-character during events, and it's the heart of the community.

After you've introduced yourself, sign up for an account on the Server Forums! Forum accounts aren't able to view most of the boards on the forum or make any posts until approved by a GM, and won't be approved if you've not introduced yourself on Discord… So don't be shy!

Step 2: Create a Wiki and Game Account!

To sign up for Colico Wiki, simply send a PM to Sage over the forums with your desired username, a valid e-mail address, and a password. If you do not want to share your password, a temporary one will be given to you that you can change later.

To get in-game, you'll need an account! In-game accounts are created via our Control Panel, on the side-bar to the right. Though account creation is open, note that if you make an in-game account without introducing yourself on the forums or saying 'Hello' to the community over Discord, this will seem very sketchy and we reserve the right to put your account on hold until you stop being a stranger.

But what about my account gender? Don't worry about it! You can have male and female characters (and cats!) all on the same account! Isn't that slick?


Step 3: Download and Install the Client!

Getting set up is easy! Instructions on how to install and patch the current version of our client can be found on the forums. It's mostly automatic!

Step 4: Peruse the Lore Wiki!

Colico is big setting with many places to explore, mysteries to uncover, and colorful characters to meet! Players need not read the entire wiki before jumping into the setting, but a bit of light reading is recommended to help with character creation and offer a simple understanding of the setting at large.

The Lore & Setting Wiki is written to provide 'core' information on the world of Colico and the space surrounding it. Special terms and related pages are neatly organized and easy to find!

As a starting point, the following pages and sections are worth checking out in no particular order!

Races of Colico: The intelligent and colorful beings that inhabit the stars. While Colico has many races familiar in fantasy, (Elves, Goblins, Orcs, oh my!) each fits into the setting in a unique way! Reading up on races is a good way to start brainstorming your first character and what their place in the world is like.

History of the Galaxy: The Galaxy, or the 'Sea of Stars' that Colico inhabits is a realm in the distant aftermath of a cataclysm that destroyed nearly all life and civilization thousands of years ago. The survivors fled their homes to explore new worlds across the stars, and in the present year 616, our story mostly takes place on Colico- A small, backwater planet initially found by those that fled the Collapse.

  • The separate article on The Sea of Stars itself is also valuable reading, namely the notes on how realistic (or unrealistic) our handle of real-world physics is.

What's Important? For the most part, the Lore & Setting Wiki is always gradually expanding, and the lore of Colico is never complete. If an article seems vague, or short, it probably isn't too important to the current story focus! Don't hesitate to ask a GM or fellow players for help if you should ever feel lost!

Step 4: Make Your Character and Start Playing!

With a wiki account in hand and some light reading under your belt, you're ready to make your character! You can write about them on the wiki under Character Profiles, and create a Character Sheet for them, too.

Do I Need a Character Sheet? You may make and roleplay your character without one, but you will need to make a sheet to participate in GM-run events! The Character Sheets page has its own guide on creating a character sheet of your own.

Step 5: You Did It!

That wasn't so hard! With a hobby like this, however, there are always new things to learn and potential questions not covered in this guide or others. Never hesitate to ask GMs or your fellow players for help, advice, and clarifications if you ever feel confused or unsure about something ingame or on this wiki!

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