Shura Adal

Player: Noscirm
Level: 13
Race: Human
Age: 27
Languages: Common, Scythian
Proficiencies: Long Arms, Discipline (Unarmed), Shotguns
Main Stats
30 50 5 0
9 5 1
Secondary Stats
Damage: 10 (Sniper), 4 (Unarmed), 12/5 (Shotgun)
Resist: 3, (Physical), 3 (Magical)
Sense: 8
Hide: 4
HIT/EVA Bonuses: 2 HIT
Meta Bonuses: Marksman 4, Seeker 1, Trickster 1, Duelist 4
Outfit R-Hand L-Hand
Mid Armor Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle
Gear Items Items
Luminan Dancer's Anklets Great Healing Potion Magazines (Drillshot) (x2)
Immaterial Shotgun Great Healing Potion -
Class: Marksman
Passive: Sharpshooter
Tier 1 Strafing Quick Aim Quick Reload (4)
Tier 2 Double Strafing Concentrate Flushing Shot
Tier 3 Ricochet Tracking Shot Fire Dance
Tier 4 True Sight Suppressing Fire Slaying Shot
Class: Seeker
Passive: Eagle Eyes
Tier 1 Iron Sight - Precision Strike
Tier 2 - Bolas Toss -
Class: Trickster
Passive: Shadewalker
Tier 1 Tumbling - Venomous Strike
Tier 2 - Arouse -
Class: Duelist
Passive: Flying Hand
Tier 1 Flourish Flowing Strike Sidestep
Tier 2 Windmill Strike Focus Twisting Strike
Tier 3 Tranquility (4) Wind & Water Flash Step
Tier 4 Critical Strike Mirror Form Pressure Point
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Finesse 10 “I like to think I'm not entirely defenseless without my gun. In fact, I might be -more- dangerous.”
Jumping 10 “Believe me, it's more useful than you might think. I can just jump over enemies this way”
Acrobatics 9 “As surprising as it might seem, the extra arms actually make me -more- balanced!”
Speed 8 “With how many horrors we've come across, you definitely get better at running.”
Thievery 4 “..they locked up the sweets when I was younger, okay?”
Swimming 6 “I've gotten better. I..still don't like swimming though. There's -things- down there.”
Field Medicine 6 “With how often people got injured during my youth, need to have -someone- capable of doing some proper healing, right?”
Harvesting 3 “Always worth it to give things a second look, you never know what people may have left behind.”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Sewing 8 “I can make some good looking outfits! J-just don't pull on the sleeves.”
Cooking 4 “I can make something edible out of scraps! ..I never said it would taste very good though.”
Sassing 3 “Everyone needs a bit of sassing in their life. I'm just not very good at it.”
Traits & Perks
Name Type Description
Extra Features (Major) Racial +2 Dex.
Psionic Sense (Minor) Racial Immune to blinding. +1 Cha
Spacer Upbringing +2 Swimming, +2 Field Medicine
Discipline Martial Arts Add one follow-up NWA to every attack. -1 Damage.
Brand of the Court Boon/Curse A dark, ethereal ring has been burned into your palms, invisible except when channeling magic or being sensed for. You often feel as though you’re being watched… And have a hunch that this will linger until a certain debt to the shadows has been paid. +1 Sense, +1 Hide.

Inventory and Storage

Imperial Technician's Shotgun
Base Stats Shotgun. 2-Handed, 12/5 DAM (Near/Far range), 2+2 Ammo, SR, Immaterial (0 Charges).
Slot 1 :: Immaterial Slug :: Ability, 0 AP. When making any single-target attack, you may expend additional Ammo, adding +2 DAM per round of Ammo consumed.
Slot 2 :: Compact Build :: Mode, 1 AP to activate. Weapon collapses into a more compact form, becoming 1-handed and dealing 8 DAM (Near/Far range), and +3 to keeping concealed or hidden. Passively grants +2 Ammo capacity, as well.
Currency 90000 Credits
Outfit: Mid Armor: +3 Physical DR, +3 Magic DR
Weapon: Sniper Rifle: 10 Dam, 2 Ammo, 2-Handed, +3 Dam w/ Called Atks
Gear: Luminan Dancer's Anklets: +2 Jumping, -2 Hide. Whenever you successfully evade an enemy attack, gain 1 Rank of Hovering for the rest of the phase.
Item: Great Healing Potion x2
Item: G-1 Ivory Oil x1
Ammo: Magazines (Drillshot) (x2)
Ammo: -
Item: Fox Hunter's Mask
Item: Knives: 5 Dam, Light
Gear: Eye Pendant: +1 Sense


Mask: Stats undecided.
Levels: Has 2 level(s) to spend.
Level Ups (13)
Primary: 13 Combat Skills
Secondary: 5 Combat Skills, 3 STR, 2 DEX, 12 SP
Marksman: +4 Acrobatics, +4 Finesse, +4 Jumping, +4 Speed
Seeker: +1 Finesse, +1 Jumping, +1 Speed, +1 Thievery
Trickster: +1 Acrobatics, +1 Finesse, +1 Jumping, +1 Speed
Duelist: +4 Acrobatics, +4 Finesse, +2 Jumping, +2 Speed, +4 Swimming
SP: +12 [3x Secondary], +8 [Duelist] = 20 SP
Sense: +6 [Marksman], +1 [Seeker], +1 [Brand] = 8 Sense
Hide: +2 [Seeker], +3 [Trickster], +1 [Brand], -2 [Anklets] = 4 Hide
DEX: +2 [Secondary], +4 [Duelist], +1 [Trickster], +2 [Extra Features] = 9 DEX
QUI: +4 [Marksman], +1 [Seeker] = 5 QUI
STR: +3 [Secondary], +2 [Duelist] = 5 STR
CHA: +1 [Psionic Sense] = 1 CHA
HIT: +2 [Marksman Meta]
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