Rex Howlzer

Player: Geonidus
Level: 17
Race: Human
Age: 23
Languages: Common, Asuran, Elvish
Proficiencies: Axes, Psionics, Whips
Main Stats
53 45 9 0
Secondary Stats
Damage: 10(Demonic Bardiche)6 (chain whip)
Resist: +16 Physical, +4 Magicial, +2 Ballistic
Sense: 6
Hide: 6
HIT/EVA Bonuses: 0
Meta Bonuses: Warrior 4, Psion 4, Judge 4
Outfit R-Hand L-Hand
Blood Dragon Armor(Heavy) Great Axe(Demonic Dardiche) Great Axe(Demonic Dardiche)
Gear Items Item
The Blind Man's Pendant (G) Iron Fang(chain whip) Bag of marbles
Dreamstone Ring High Healing Potion Great Energy Potion
Class: Warrior 4
Passive: Rampage
Tier 1 Hard Strike Sharpen Reclaim
Tier 2 Endure Cleave Bravado
Tier 3 Takedown Cover Cyclone
Tier 4 Awareness Adrenaline Rush Earthshaker
Class: Psion 4
Passive: Psychopomp
Tier 1 Mind Link Barrier Soothe
Tier 2 Suspend Cascade Galvanize
Tier 3 Levitation Negative Pulse Velocity
Tier 4 Dimensional Anchor Phantom Limb Kinetic Salvo
Class: Judge 4
Passive: Conqueror
Tier 1 Prohibit Rally Stomp
Tier 2 Brandish Decree Iron Curtain
Tier 3 Heavy Fling Judgement Presence of Mind
Tier 4 Moment of Truth Execution Death Grip
- Band Together Restraining Order Liberate
- Decree Decree Decree
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Psionics +6 “Like playing mind games huh?.”
Dousing 4 Trying to hide form me won't do ya any good.
Sensing 4 What are you hiding in the room?
Vitality 13 He’s a healthy, healthy man!
Power 11 Gotta make them gains!
Survival 6 Dying in the middle of nowhere isn’t good.
Jumping 8 Gotta be able to jump around!
Speed 8 Gotta go fast!
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Intimidation +9 Don’t try to get in his way.
Playing music(Guitar) 3 I play a mean guitar..
Hustling 3 Gotta make that paper.
Traits & Perks
Name Type Description
Human Racial A description of the racial perk.
Asuran Upbringing +2 Psionics, +2 SP
Secondary Heart(Major) Racial Gain +4 HP and SP. When you are suffering 1, 2, or 3 Ranks of Bleeding, the HP damage you take from them is reduced by 1, 2, and 4, respectively.
Psionic Sense Racial +1 CHA. You are immune to Blinding.

Inventory and Storage

Currency 90,000
Outfit: Designer protective jacket: +3 Physical/Magical DR
Weapon: Atlast(Great Axe) 10 DMG
Gear: Sister Of Brass Mask
Gear: Dreamstone Ring: Grants +4 against the effects of Fear, Duress, or hallucinations. If worn while sleeping, it allows you to control the dreams you have.
Ammo: Bag of Marbles
Blood Dragon Armor Heavy Armor. +6 Physical, +2 Ballistic DR Named after the Bloodwyrms, a popular team of gladiators in the Holodome who wear it. The armor is designed to have a knightly appearance, but bears all the luxuries of modern-day military equipment: The armor is resistant to scratching, can withstand light Immaterial force contact, and is certified for space-faring, if Rex should ever turn his eyes to the stars…
Special Slot
1st Slot Immaterial Plating :: Improvement. Grants 6 Immaterial DR. The armor is fully sealed, and allows the wearer to breath while submerged in water, or in the emptiness of space.
2nd Slot Jump Jet :: Ability, 0 AP. When using any movement action, activate Jump Jets to increase your movement range by 4. Can be used once, or a number of times up to your highest Physical Meta.
Rex's Designer jacket Medium Armor. +3 Physical/Magical DR Rex's favorite jacket thats got him through thick and thin.
Special Slot
1st Slot
2nd Slot
Atlast(Great Axe) Great Axe. 2-Handed, 10 DAM Rex's Favorite axe given to him by his teacher.
Special Slot
1st Slot
2nd Slot
Demonic Bardiche Great Axe. 2-Handed, 10 DAM An Axe that was encased in the heart of the Thumori statue that turned the minds of an entire Dominion warship into its thralls, and it gives off a sharp, warm aura when held. Though the deep purple gemstone embedded into its head, which was likely the source of its power was cracked, the axe still holds a remnant of dark, arcane power inside of it.
Special Slot
1st Slot Fractured Gem :: A fist-sized orb embedded in the base of the axe’s head. It’s cracked and can be scraped out of its groove with some care.
2nd Slot Bloody Exchange :: Enchantment. Grants +2, +3, and +4 DAM when the wielder is suffering 1, 2, and 3 Ranks of Bleeding, respectively.
Brand of the Court: A dark, ethereal ring has been burned into your palms, invisible except when channeling magic or being sensed for. You often feel as though you’re being watched… And have a hunch that this will linger until a certain debt to the shadows has been paid. +1 Sense, +1 Hide.
Item: The Blind Man's Pendant: A silver pendant with a decorative chain. It's shaped like an eye, and has an opalescent gem as its 'pupil. This grants +1 Sense when worn.
Item: Necklace of Teeth: Gear. When worn, spend 1 AP to allow the the necklace to tighten and meekly choke you. While active, all healing received is reduced by 3, and the threshold of Haste is reduced by 2. If you have 2+ Occultist Meta, healing is reduced by 2, and the threshold of Haste is reduced by 3.
Item: Sister of Brass Mask: Gear. Strange enchanted mask that Rex bought from a merchant.
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