Ren Shiori

Character Profile
Player: Dawn
Level: 1
Money: 17,000 Zen
Race: Human
Age: 16
Languages: Common, Asuran, Cajeux
Human Mutations: Aquatic Cells (Major), Toxic Blood (Minor)
Upbringing Perk: El Quattori (+1 CHA, +2 to Thievery)
Weapon Proficiencies: Light Blades, Throwing Knives, Archery
Armor/Armor Type: Leather Jacket (Light Armor)
Meta Bonus: Trickster IV
Status and Equipment
HP: 30
SP: 30
Damage: 6 (Slingshot)
Attack: 0
Defense: 2
Strength: 0
Dexterity: 6
Intelligence: 0
Charisma: 3
Resist: 1 (PHYS)
Sense: 0
Hide: 12
Equipped Weapon(s): Slingshot
Equipment & Gears
Throwing Knives


Passive: Untouchable (+4 DEX, +12 Hide, +2 CHA)
Tier 1 Tumbling (0) Feint (2) Venomous Strike (2)
Tier 2 Twin Strike (3) Arouse (0) Observation (3)
Tier 3 Black Blossom (4) Breakaway (4) Triangle Strike (4)
Tier 4 Fireworks (5) Abscond (5) Mimicry (5)
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Hair Braiding +6 Something that her late father had taught her, Ren has a knack of making decent braids, whether on herself or on others!
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Thievery +8 The character’s ability to pick locks, steal items unnoticed, remain briefly out of sight, or do whatever else that less-than-savory types are known for.
Jumping +6 The character’s ability to leap up or across distances. It’s used in tasks like leaping over gaps, jumping up to higher areas, or climbing things.
Acrobatics +5 The character’s flexibility and balance. It’s used in tasks like fitting into tight spaces, keeping balance on poor footing, tumbling after falling, and bending into odd positions.
Finesse +5 The character’s manual dexterity and ability to perform actions with their hands quickly. It’s used in tasks like tying knots, catching flying objects, and repeating patterns.
Speed +4 The character’s physical swiftness and running speed. It’s used in tasks like sprinting, dodging items being hurtled at them, or for things like footraces.
Swimming +4 The character’s ability to move through bodies of water, perform simple tasks while diving, and not get overpowered by the currents. This also includes how long your character can hold their breath. Swimming is also used in zero-gravity environments.

Equipment & Gears

Weapon & Armor
Slingshot Leather Jacket
Base Stats 6 Blunt DMG (2H, Uses DEX) +2 DEF, +1 PHYS DR
Description A small hand-powered projectile weapon. A leather jacket that's comfortable among the torso. Allows light movement but doesn't protect against most attacks.
Craftsman Mass-Produced Mass-Produced
Material Wood Cotton
Throwing Knives
Base Stats 4 Slashing DMG (Unlimited use per 1 Ammo slot)
Description Sharp blades that's used for practical uses.
Craftsman Mass-Produced
Material Steel


Special Perks & Boons

Boon Type Level Description
Aquatic Cells Racial (Human) 1) N/A Ren gains +4 to Swimming, and +2 DEX. In areas where swimming is possible, you gain an additional +2 DEX and increase your movement range by 3. You can also breath underwater, and are immune to Drowning.
Toxic Blood Racial (Human) 2) N/A Whenever Ren is suffering 1 Rank of Bleeding, she may roll to apply 1 Rank of Envenomed to all targets in her melee range. This does not stack with itself.


1. +1 CHA and +2 to Thievery due to El Quattori Upbringing Perk.
1. +2 DEX and +4 to Swimming due to Aquatic Cells mutation.

Stat Point Expenditures

Ren's Stat Breakdown
HP: 30 (Base) = 30
SP: 30 (Base) = 30
DMG Bonus (Slingshot): 6 (Equipped Weapon) = 6
DMG Bonus (T. Knives): 4 (Equipped Weapon) = 4
Attack: 0 (Base) = 0
Defense: 2 (Equipped Armor) = 2
Strength: 0 (Base) = 0
Dexterity: 4 (Trickster Meta) + 2 (Aquatic Cells) = 6
Intelligence: 0 (Base) = 0
Charisma: 1 (Upbringing Perk) + 2 (Trickster Meta) = 3
Resist: 1 (Equipped Armor) = 1 (PHY)
Hide: 12 (Trickster Meta) = 12
Sense: 0 (Base) = 0
Combat Skill Point Expenditure
Trickster 12 pts
Adventuring Skill Point Expenditure
Speed 4 pts
Jumping 4 pts
Thievery 2 pts
Acrobatics 1 pt
Finesse 1 pt
Adventuring Points Used 10/10
Non-Combat Skill Point Expenditure
Hair Braiding 6 pts
Non-Combat Points Used 6/15
LVL UP Point Expenditure (Primary)
LVL UP Point Expenditure (Secondary)
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