Norah Monroe

Player: Sage
Level: 8
Race: Human
Age: 22
Languages: Common, Sereni, Kasari
Proficiencies: Small Arms, Automatics, Long Arms
Main Stats
38 30 0 2
3 6 2
Secondary Stats
Damage: 8×2/Perun's Hammer, 7/Scarlett, 5/Steam Repeater
Resist: 0
Sense: 6
Hide: 10
HIT/EVA Bonuses: +1 Hit
Meta Bonuses: Marksman III, Trickster II
Outfit R-Hand L-Hand
Sailor's Garb Perun's Hammer Perun's Hammer
Gear Items Items
Steam Repeater H. Healing Pot G. Healing Pot
Scarlett Bandolier -
Bandolier - -
- - -
Class: Marksman IV
Passive: Gunslinger
Tier 1 Strafing Quick Aim Quick Reload (4)
Tier 2 Double Strafing Concentrate Flushing Shot
Tier 3 Ricochet Tracking Shot Fire Dance
Tier 4 True Sight Suppressing Fire Slaying Shot
Class: Trickster III
Passive: Fire Dancer
Tier 1 Tumbling (3) Feint Venomous Strike
Tier 2 - Arouse (3) Observation
Tier 3 Black Blossom Breakaway -
Tier 4 Fireworks - Mimicry
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Tech Lore 6 “I like to think I know my stuff!”
Finesse 5 “I'm pretty good with my hands!”
Speed 5 “I think they heard us! Run!
Acrobatics 5 “I'm zen as shit. I got this.”
Piloting 4 “Yeah, I know how drive!”
Jumping 3 “That doesn't look so tall.”
Swimming 3 “Do you know how much cool stuff is just lying there, under the waves?”
Thievery 2 “This was easier to get away with in highschool…”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Art (Metalwork) 4 “There's no such thing as junk.”
Art (Photography) 2 “D-Don't look at those…!”
Traits & Perks
Name Type Description
Synthetic (Major) Racial +2 INT. Can drain sources of electricity, restoring 5 HP/SP per 1 AP spent. Can discharge electricity in melee range, dealing 1/2 level in Lightning damage, for 2 AP. Suffers no ill effects from body augmentations.
Aquatic Cells (Minor) Racial +1 DEX and +3 Movement range in water. Can breath underwater.
El Quattori Upbringing +2 Tech Lore, +1 CHA.

Inventory and Storage

Perun's Hammer
Base Stats 8×2 Damage, 10+2 Ammo, SR, Special Assault Rifle. A devastating automatic rifle named after a Fae deity of war, capable of firing arcane bolts of lightning.
Special Slot Perun's Hammer :: +2 Ammo Capacity. Grants Perun’s Wrath: Ability. 3 AP, 5 Stam. Make an NWA x2, dealing True Lightning damage, and roll flat to apply Stunned. All remaining Ammo grants +1 Damage (to one of your NWAs) and +1 HIT when applying Stunned. If Special Ammo is equipped, Perun’s Wrath consumes its charge fully.
1st Slot None
Steam Repeater
Base Stats 5 Damage, 8 Ammo, Special Pistol. +3 ATK if held in both hands. A brassy, antique-looking pistol, that feeds bullets into the barrel through a curious wheel-shaped chamber. It whistles with steam when you hold the trigger.
Special Slot Steam Repeater :: For 1 AP, add an NWA to your attack. For each turn this effect is active, add another NWA. Reloading or not maintaining this effect for 1 turn resets additional NWAs to 1. These NWAs do not benefit from damage bonuses.
1st Slot None
Zen 51,000
Outfit: Sailor's Garb :: Clothing. +2 Move, +1 DEX.
Item: Scarlett :: Revolver. 7 Damage, 6 Ammo, Slow Reload.
Ammo: Pistol Rounds (∞) :: Used in 1-Handed Firearms.
Imperial Holomap Gear. A piece of stolen military hardware, from the Dominion of Charity. Projects a curious map of El Quattor, with a few 'landmarks' of note… Norah keeps this safely tucked away in a beer cooler.


Marksman +3 Acrobatics, Finesse, Jumping, Speed
Trickster +2 Acrobatics, Finesse, Speed, Thievery
QUI +4 (Marksman Meta) +2 (Level Up) = 6 QUI
DEX +3 (Trickster Meta) = 3 DEX
Hide +9 (Trickster Meta), +1 (Level Up) = 10 Hide
Level Ups (7)
Primary 7 Skills
Secondary 2 Skills, +2 QUI, +1 Hide, +1 Adventure Skill, +4 HP
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