Lisia Sunstar

Character Profile
Player: Dawn
Level: 7
Money: 27,500 Zen
Race: Elf
Age: 55
Languages: Common, Elvish, Scythian
Racial Perk: Consort
Upbringing Perk: Imperial (+2 HP, +3 Relic Lore)
Weapon Proficiencies: Light Catalysts, Heavy Catalysts, Light Blades
Armor/Armor Type: Thumorian Robes (Clothing)
Meta Bonus: Thaumaturge IV, Artificer IV
Status and Equipment
HP: 39
SP: 40
Damage: 6 (Wooden Wand)
Attack: 0
Defense: 0
Strength: 1
Dexterity: 6
Intelligence: 9
Charisma: 1
Resist: 4 (MAG)
Sense: 4
Hide: 0
Equipped Weapon(s): Wooden Wand, Spellbook
Equipment & Gears
Potion Belt
High Healing Potion
Potion Belt
High Energy Potion
High Energy Potion


Passive: Equilibrium (+4 INT, +4 Sense, 4 SP)
Tier 1 Refresh (0) Restore (2) Conjure (2)
Tier 2 Enochian Ring (3) Warm Synthesis (3) Cold Synthesis (3)
Tier 3 Ether Chains (4) Blink (0) Tetragram (4)
Tier 4 Anachronism (5) Death Sentence (5) Clearance (5)
Passive: Locus (+4 INT, +4 DEX, 2 MAG DR)
Tier 1 Infuse (0) Arcane Bolt (2) Sustain (0)
Tier 2 Dissipate (3) Arcane Ward (3) Expansion (0)
Tier 3 Analyze (4) Arcane Triad (4) Invocation (4)
Tier 4 Double Cost (5) Spell Steal (0) Arcane Vortex (5)
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Studying +6 Lisia is a dedicated individual that she’ll literally try to read any sorts of book, absorbing all sorts of information like a sponge if needed.
Musical Instrument (Harp) +4 While really a side hobby, Lisia is able to play the harp effectively to a degree, playing songs of soothing and relaxing melodies.
Gardening (Flowers) +4 A skill that she had learned from her mother, Lisia is familiar and capable of doing gardens that have to do with flowers and plants of the like.
Adventuring Skills
Name Bonus Description
Manipulation +11 The character’s ability to shift the flow of arcane and psionic forces, or manipulate other things through them. This can be used to turn a torch into a blazing fireball, move small objects over a distance, or make a still puppet dance, for instance.
Illusions +11 The character’s ability to conjure false images. Anything from objects that aren’t there to entire people that aren’t there fall under this category, with varying degrees of difficulty.
Sensing +9 The character’s ability to sense mana that’s out of place. It’s commonly used to try and search for magical traps, or get a better sense of the area around the party.
Spell Lore +9 The character’s knowledge of all sorts of magic and their inner workings. It can be used in anything from magical study to dismantling magical traps.
Relic Lore +5 The character’s knowledge of magical implements, including Catalyst and enchanted items. It can also be used to dismantle traps that make use of magi-technology or have a catalytic source.

Equipment & Gears

Weapon & Armor
Wooden Wand Thumorian Robes
Base Stats 5 DMG, 2 Spells (1H, Uses INT) +2 Move, +1 DEX
Description A standard wooden wand capable of casting spells. These robes are loose, and slightly exotic looking! They're also adorned in a lot of fancy brass/gem charms, that make a bit of noise when moving, but provide that handy benefit of free movement.
Craftsman Mass-Produced Artisan Crafted
Material Oak Wood Enchanted Silk
Improvement Magus Charms: +2 Magic DR, +1 Magic Damage, -4 Hide.
Potion Belt Adds 2 slots, for Potions or alchemical vials only.
High Healing Potion Heals 15 HP, then 15 HP next turn.
Potion Belt
High Energy Potion x2 Restores 15 SP, then 15 SP next turn.


Lilac Wizardry Robes Standard robes provided by the Orion Academy. It is colored lilac, with a cape patterned with stars and moons across. +2 Move, +1 DEX.

Special Perks & Boons

Boon Type Level Description
Consort Racial (Elf) N/A In any instance where Lisia must roll with her Charisma stat, roll twice and use the higher of her two rolls. Passively, NPCs are more likely to warm up to her and be persuaded by her words. (This bonus is nullified if she acts in an aggravating way.)


Star Tome
A purple, starry tome decorated with stars and moons in the front. It fits up to 30 Unique Spells, and it's always in Lisia's possession, taking it along with her wherever she goes.
Pages 1 - 4 Heart of Oak
Spellbook Details
Spell Type Description
Heart of Oak Unique 6 AP, 5 SP. Create a fully-formed oak tree over a spot on the ground of your choosing, which can act as a source of Full Cover for up to four people. Roll against any units in the way of the tree (vs INT or CHA), and if you succeed, launch them into the air for 10 + Artificer or Occultist or Thaumaturge Meta in Blunt Damage, plus variable bonus damage depending on how they land. Against very large foes (10 feet or taller,) Heart of Oak is Automatic, and will knock them prone instead. Can only be cast on natural surfaces.


1. +2 HP and +3 to Relic Lore due to Imperial Upbringing Perk.
2. +1 Point placed into STR/DEX/INT/CHA for free due to Elf Traits.

Stat Point Expenditures

Lisia's Stat Breakdown
HP: 32 (Base) + 2 (Imperial) + 5 (LVL UP) = 39
SP: 32 (Base) + 4 (Thaumaturge Meta) + 4 (LV UP) = 40
DMG Bonus (W. Wand): 5 (Equipped Weapon) + 1 (Thumorian Robes) = 6
Attack: 0 (Base) = 0
Defense: 0 (Base) = 0
Strength: 1 (Base) = 1
Dexterity: 1 (Base) + 1 (Equipped Armor) + 4 (Artificer Meta) = 6
Intelligence: 1 (Base) + 4 (Thaumaturge Meta) + 4 (Artificer Meta) = 9
Charisma: 1 (Base) = 1
Resist: 2 (Equipped Armor) + 2 (Artificer Meta) = 4 (MAG)
Hide: 0 (Base) = 0
Sense: 4 (Thaumaturge Meta) = 4
Flux: 4 (Thaumaturge Meta) + 4 (Artificer Meta) = 8
Combat Skill Point Expenditure
Thaumaturge 12 pts
Artificer 3 pts
Adventuring Skill Point Expenditure
Illusions 3 pts
Manipulation 3 pts
Relic Lore 2 pts
Spell Lore 1 pt
Sensing 1 pt
Adventuring Points Used 10/10
Non-Combat Skill Point Expenditure
Studying 6 pts
Musical Instrument (Harp) 4 pts
Gardening (Flowers) 5 pts
Non-Combat Points Used 15/15
LVL UP Point Expenditure (Primary)
LV. 2 +1 Combat Skill (Dissipate)
LV. 3 +1 Combat Skill (Expansion)
LV. 4 +1 Combat Skill (Arcane Triad)
LV. 5 +1 Combat Skill (Analyze)
LV. 6 +1 Combat Skill (Spell Steal)
LV. 7 +1 HP
LVL UP Point Expenditure (Secondary)
LV. 2 +1 Combat Skill (Arcane Ward)
LV. 3 +4 HP
LV. 4 +1 Combat Skill (Invocation)
LV. 5 +1 Combat Skill (Double Cast)
LV. 6 +1 Combat Skill (Arcane Vortex)
LV. 7 +4 SP
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