Harper Wright

Player: Mel
Level: 10
Race: Human
Age: 16
Languages: Common, Kasari
Proficiencies: Small Arms, Psionics
Main Stats
30 51 0 0
0 1 5 10
Secondary Stats
Damage: 7/Revolver, 6/Stones
Resist: 0
Sense: 0
Hide: 0
Meta Bonuses: Psion IV
Outfit R-Hand L-Hand
Psion Operative Gear Revolver
Gear Items Items
Blind Man's Pendant Pistol Ammo Bag of Stones
Potion Belt Energy Potion Great Energy Potion
Class: Psion IV
Passive: Psychopomp
Tier 1 Mind Link Barrier Soothe
Tier 2 Suspend Cascade Galvanize
Tier 3 Levitation Negative Pulse Velocity
Tier 4 Dimensional Anchor Phantom Limb Kinetic Salvo
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Spell Lore 4 “M-my brother taught me a lot about it..”
Speed 2 “I-if I'm good at something, i-it might as well be that..”
Swimming 4 “I-I just..feel really at home here..”
Psionics 9 “I-I've always had a talent..”
Magic Sensing 5 “Oh…something seems off…huh…”
Manipulation 4 “Hey, hey…w-watch this!!”
Vitality 4 “I'm getting a bit stronger. So…a-am I cool now?”
Thievery 2 [Wordless pointing at Marduk]
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Cooking (General) 6 “Oh yeah, w-well, that's my job..”
Cooking (Kasarite) 3 “I-I used to cook with my sister a-all the time!”
Traits & Perks
Name Type Description
Ascetic (major) Racial In combat, for every turn you spend without taking any damage-dealing actions or moving, you may spend 1 AP to heal yourself for 3 HP. If you are currently under the effects of Trance or Euphoria, this heals you for 6 HP, instead. You gain +1 CHA, and may start with 3 Psion skills for free.
Aquatic Cells (minor) Racial +1 DEX and +3 Movement range in water. Can breath underwater.
Illumian Upbringing +1 INT, +2 Thievery

Inventory and Storage

Currency 47,600
Psion Operative Gear
Base Stats Robe. +4 Magical DR Looks pretty cool! I almost look kinda tough now, I guess. Maybe.
1st Slot Slot 1 :: Discharge Mesh :: Grants Psionic Discharge: Ability, 2 AP. When under Trance/Euphoria, automatically deal Arcane Damage equal to your Aura to all foes in your melee range. Can be used once, or a number of times up to Psion Meta.
2nd Slot Slot 2 :: Pull Bracers :: Grants Psionic Pull: Ability, 1 AP. When Levitating, immediately move to within 4 cells of a unit you are Mind-Linked with, without provoking attacks of opportunity. Can be used once, or a number of times up to Psion Meta. Outside of combat, use with Jumping or Acrobatics rolls to control gravity and 'fall' towards a target of your choosing.
Weapon: Revolver :: Revolver. 7 Damage, 6 Ammo, Slow Reload.
Gear: Kinetic Half-Gloves :: Gear. +2 Psionics, all PBA start at +1 stacking damage. When in trance, each PBA hit heals 1 HP
Trinket: Blind Man's Pendant :: Necklace. Grants +1 sense
Item: Energy Potion :: Potion. +10 SP
Item: Great Energy Potion :: Potion. +10 SP per turn for two turns
Item: Health Potion :: Potion. +10 HP
Item: Great Health Potion :: Potion. +10 HP per turn for two turns
Ammo: Pistol Rounds (∞) :: Used in 1-Handed Firearms.
Item: Bag of Marbles (∞) :: 2 use per 1 Ammo Slot
Item: Bag of Stones (∞) :: 2 use per 1 Ammo Slot
Owed Money
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