Gervasio Parser Unicó

Player: Lion
Level: 4
Race: Human
Age: 18
Languages: Common, Sereni.
Proficiencies: Psionics, Automatics(SMGs, Assault Rifles), Bludgeons.
Main Stats
34 36
2 5 5
Secondary Stats
Damage: SMG(4×3)
Sense: 3
Hide: 6
Meta Bonuses: Psionic III, Rouge I, Gunslinger I
Outfit R-Hand L-Hand
Clothing SMG Uzi SMG Uzi
Gear Items Items
Class: Psionic III
Passive: Psychopomp
Tier 1 Barrier Soothe Mindlink
Tier 2 Suspend Galvanize
Tier 3 Levitation Velocity Negative Pulse
Tier 4 Kinetic Salvo Dimensional Anchor
Class: Marksman I
Passive: Gunslinger
Tier 1 Quickload Quickshot
Tier 2 Flushin Shot Concentrate
Tier 3
Tier 4
Class: Rogue I
Passive: Spy Game
Tier 1 Steal Trade Secrets
Tier 2 Distraction
Tier 3
Tier 4
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Tech Lore 9 “I can make it tick.”
Finesse 2 “These fingers ain’t just for fixing things- Hey, wait, come back!”
Jumping 2 “Oh jesus I wouldn’t have washed those chips with energy drinks if I knew I would be working out, oh geez, oh man.”
Creature Lore 1 “It’s a creature alright.”
Thievery 3 “Yoink.”
Speed 3 “Thinking ‘bout it saying ‘Yoink’ out loud when you steal something is not a good idea.”.
Psionics 5 “Oh man! I’m just like Allek Winness character in the fourth installement of-”
Dousing 3 “-and it was SO COOL!!! When he felt those ambushers coming for him and-”
Sense 3 “-it’s just so awesome how he uses The Power to feel all around him-”
Manipulation 3 “-and that callback to the part with the psychic fight-”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Nerd Lore 9 “-and I mean the fourth installment is the absolute best one too, better than that blight in the saga that was-”
Improv 2 “W-Why I know so much about those movies? No I just… You know when you don’t have many movies to see you watch the same recording over and over…. Haha…”
Traits & Perks
Name Type Description
Synth (Major) Racial You may siphon sources of electricity by touching them, and restore 5 HP/SP per AP you spend on this action. You may also discharge electricity in melee range, dealing ½ your level in Lightning damage to a single target, for 2 AP. Passively, you gain +2 INT and suffer no ill effects from body augmenting technology.
Ascetic (Minor) Racial In combat, for every turn you spend without taking any damage-dealing actions or moving, you may spend 1 AP to heal yourself for 3 HP. You gain +1 CHA, as well.
El Quattori Upbringing Your character grew up in the heart of El Quattor, the southern land of opportunity, intrigue, and performance. +2 to Acrobatics, Swimming, Piloting, Tech Lore, or Thievery. +1 CHA.

Inventory and Storage

Currency 69.800
Outfit: Old work overalls (Clothing) +1 hit +2 Movement
Weapon: SMG Uzi
Gear: Bandolier +2 Ammo carry
Item: Shock Grenade.
Ammo: Rifle Rounds
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