Cassiopeia Caelus

Player: Mel
Level: 6
Race: Fair Folk
Age: Their age.
Languages: Fair Cant, Common
Proficiencies: Instruments, Light Catalysts, Heavy Catalysts
Main Stats
28 39 0 0
0 0 7 3
Secondary Stats
Damage: 12/Staff
Resist: 10/Magic
Sense: 1
Hide: 3
Meta Bonuses: Artificer IV, Occultist III
Outfit R-Hand L-Hand
Red Robes The Soul Cairn
Gear Items Items
Focusing Potion
Class: Occultist III
Passive: Blackblooded
Tier 1 Bind in Blood Pain Haunt
Tier 2 Trance of Eyes Stigmata Banal Ring
Tier 3 Reanimation Infernus Lunar Call
Tier 4
Class: Artificer IV
Passive: Assimilation
Tier 1 Bridge Arcane Bolt Recollect
Tier 2 Dissipate Arcane Ward Expansion
Tier 3 Analyze Arcane Triad Invocation
Tier 4 Double Cast Spell Steal Arcane Vortex
Adventure Skills
Name Bonus Description
Thievery 5 “That's right. I lift.”
Finesse 4 “I guess you could say I'm…the finesst…”
Relic Lore 6 “I know what this thing does!!!”
Magic Sensing 11 “I sense….ah yes….you're an idiot….”
Spell Lore 10 “I also know what THIS thing does!!!”
Acrobatics 6 “I'm very flexible! Unlike certain elves I know.”
Occultism 4 “Spooky!! Wanna see something cool??”
Illusions 4 “I -assure- you, that dress is blue and black. Honest.”
Manipulation 2 “Craigory taught me that one!”
Non-Combat Skills
Name Bonus Description
Pipa 8 “Oh, friend, I'll play you a song! You'll love it. Trust me.”
Drums (General) 4 “I gueeeess, if you really waaaaant me tooooo…”
Escape Artist 3 “Hey, these are a bit tight…think you could loosen them for me?”
Well-Worn Spellbook
Pages 1-5 Arcane Gills Sap Life The Flesh Is Weak Friendly Bolt Deluge
Pages 6-10
Traits & Perks
Name Type Description
Moonchild Racial At night, reduce all incoming Magic damage you take by 3 before applying Damage Resistance, and increase all incoming and outgoing Magic healing by 3.
The Ghetto Upbringing +2 to Thievery, +2 Hide.
Brand of the Court Boon/Curse A dark, ethereal ring has been burned into your palms, invisible except when channeling magic or being sensed for. You often feel as though you’re being watched… And have a hunch that this will linger until a certain debt to the shadows has been paid. +1 Sense, +1 Hide.

Inventory and Storage

The Soul Cairn (Craigory)
Slots Description
Base Stats 12 DAM, 10 Spells, Heavy Catalyst (INT).
Legendary Slot Sorceror's Miasma :: At double the SP cost, single-target spells target all units on the battlefield. When casting offensive spells, you may spend flux equal to the spell's AP cost to ignore friendly-fire.
Special Slot Keeper Lantern :: Staff provides light even in the darkest of environments, and can hold vast quantities of mana. Presently holding the mind of Craigory the Perceptive.
2nd Slot Artifice Implements :: Grants +2 to Manipulation, Magic Sensing, Relic Lore, and Spell Lore. Staff can be used to 'scan' objects and entities for magical anomolies.
Currency 12,000
Outfit: Red Robes :: Robes. +4 Magic DR
Item: Focusing Potion :: Potion. +2 ATK
Weapon: Old Pipa :: Large Instrument. 8 Dam, 6 Spells. -1 AP on Persistent Spells. -4 Movement.
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