Gender: Agendered synthetic lifeform
Age: Unknown
Race: Homun
Height: 6'6“
Belief: None
Born: Unknown, but celebrates when the Founders gave it a purpose. February 25th
Occupation: Previously - Construction and guerrilla warfare. Currently - Wanderer/Observer
Hometown: Drifter - “That place no longer matters.”
Living: Traveling with the Rogue Traders.
Citizen: Has no technical citizenship
Talents: Construction of shelter and buildings, lifting and moving large objects


A tall, hulking figure of steel bearing a vaguely humanoid form, Zelan seems to be built for moving heavy crafts and materials around. It tends to attempt to move as quietly and unobtrusively as it can. Its form seems scrapped together as if it has seen better days, despite this, it seems sturdy and armored heavily. Among the plates on its chest, a nameplate etched in an almost childish handwriting has the title “Zelan”. It has a featureless face with two glowing slots for “eyes”. They change colors oftentimes based on its emotions.


Zelan seems to be awkward and confused when dealing with organic lifeforms and other Homun alike. It seems to have a difficult time communicating. It oftentimes waxes poetic on existence and thinks philosophically about what it means to “be alive”. Oftentimes it has an entirely utilitarian view of its interactions with other beings, and seeks to avoid interruptions or cause disruption in the lives of others. It intensely dislikes conflict or combat… Yet seems remarkably talented in such manners and has a quick thinking mind in conflict.


Ask it IC if you want to know.


As of now, it has followed the Rogue Traders to Oakdale after the misadventure on the boat. Last seen aiding Fiona Auzenne reclaim her family sword and organizing a party to blow up a nightmarish hole with a car gas tank and alcohol.

Recent Development

  • Exploded a “gate” of Night Terrors with a Car Gas Tank
  • Retrieved the Family sword of Fiona Auzenne
  • Traveled to Oakdale
  • Received repairs for helping out with a Rogue Trader's salvage job.

Friends and Foes


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  • None yet!
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