Zahira al-Haris

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Race: Human
Height: 5’8”
Belief: Undisclosed
Born: May 8th
Occupation: Professional Scrounger and Storyteller
Hometown: Somewhere in Arcadia, likely Pandora
Living: N/A. Tends to wander
Citizen: Arcadia, if they cared for such things
Talents: Performance, Sleight of Hand, Appraisal, Scavenging
Character Sheet
Theme: The Soundmaker


Zahira is dark tanned human standing at around five feet, eight inches. She has a lithe and slender build, mainly due to how sporadic her daily caloric intake can be. She hides her thin frame by wearing looser clothing. Her thinness does show off a fairly fit body, as she’s used to scavenging and ruin spelunking for things to sell. Zahira has the telltale signs of mutations, like any other human: her eyes are bright lilac with slit pupils and a set of white cat ears. Her red hair goes down a few inches past her shoulders, and seems to be perpetually messy despite her best grooming efforts.

Zahira wears pastel pink or warm pink colors. She doesn’t particularly care about standing out too much, and it has so far worked in her favor. People seem to be afraid of attacking someone wearing bright colors so boldly. Since she hails from the badlands of Arcadia, Zahira’s clothes are light and flexible. Her head is generally covered with a scarf or something, and she occasionally wears half-rim glasses (despite not needing them). She wears a pair of black shorts and a pink sleeveless crop top. On top of her outfit, she has a thin, patched up jacket. The tailcoat of the jacket runs down to her knees, and Zahira has three leather straps that tie the front of her jacket together. She wears a pair of rappeling gloves that are missing a few fingers. To finish off her outfit, Zahira has a pair of black, slightly heeled boots with a good grip for climbing, in addition to light knee pads and shin guards.

Zahira usually carries around an acoustic guitar next to her light backpack. Inside her long jacket is a leather holster for her sawn-off double-barrel shotgun. On her hips are various box pouches of different shapes and sizes. She also generally carries an battered, thick tome with yellowing pages and a brown cover in a pouch that hangs at the back of her hip. In fact, she is rarely seen without the book. Finally, Zahira smokes from a rather long, ornate pipe.


Zahira is a storyteller through and through. She loves telling stories to people who will listen, though the stories range wildly from personal experience to old tales. She’s quite sociable, cheerful, and absolutely loves listening to others – especially when they’re talking about themselves. Zahira is a performer, and she’s used to dealing with strangers on a regular basis because of it.

That being said, Zahira is a habitual liar. Having to deal with the black market and other people of ill reputation, she’s trained herself to always lie first and answer later. Unless she opens up to you, her life's story will seem like an endless web of contradictions and questions.

When nervous, or caught lying, she has a tendency to play with her hands and avoid eye contact. She’s also kind of a coward in battle, and would rather hide than get in a firefight despite carrying a shotgun. Finally, Zahira has a bad habit of humming or whistling when she’s idle or bored.


Zahira al-Haris was born Rayya al-Mihtal somewhere in Arcadia. Her parents were scavengers, and more often than not, raiders who would rob other scavengers and archaeologists. She grew up under their tutelage, learning how to rob a man blind with quick hands and pick out the quality scavenge from the garbage. However, her parents discovered her natural affinity to music, and allowed her uncle educate her in piano, guitar, and music theory. It is because of her uncle Shaeir that she became proficient in the art of music. The mystical musician from Arcadia played frequently in Illumia, and he was happy to pass his knowledge onto a protege.

But her parents did not allow her to be a muscian on a whim. They had more nefarious plans for their sixteen year old daughter. After she finished learning what she could from uncle Shaeir, her parents dropped the whole facade of being simple scavengers and became full time bandits. She became bait for them; sitting alone at campfires, playing her gentle strings for travelers, as her parents and team readied an ambush. They loved to call her “the Siren,” as many a band of wanderers were led to their deaths by her music.

It is during this time she also began to take interest in history. In one raid, her parents had taken a historian from an archaeological dig in Golgotha as a hostage. For the days he was held, Rayya questioned him constantly about the places he had been, the things he had seen. The scholar taught her a lot of history he knew, and taught it in a manner that wasn't boring like at an academy. The scholar taught her with stories: stories of lost civilizations, of love across time, of powerful warlords. He inspired her to take up storytelling. But more importantly, he inspired her to become more than just a bandit living day by day. He inspired her to learn.

At around 19, while entertaining some scavengers like normal as bait, she realized the attack never came as planned. Their nearly clockwork attack failed to happen, causing her to be a little concerned. As the night went on and the group turned in for the night, Rayya couldn't help but wonder where they had gone. She bid the group farewell in the morning, she went to investigate. To her shock, she found her parents and their band of raiders dead and looted. They had been ambushed by mercenaries someone had hired to take them out; apparently they were starting to become too big of a nuisance to travelers. The leader left a message for her: stop being a bandit, or they'll come back and finish the job. Why they spared her, no one but they could say.

Now free from her parents, she wasn’t quite sure just what to do immediately. As any good daughter would, she buried her parents, sad they were gone. While not the best parents, there was still love there, and she would miss them both dearly. She wisely concluded that banditry was not her path in life, and became a wandering storyteller and bard. Rayya found her musician uncle a few months later, playing his last concert at some concert hall in Illumia. Uncle Shaeir was dying of cancer; and after hearing her story, allowed her to take the stage with him for his last performance. The last show was one for the books; and with his last bow, he adopted Rayya. He renamed her Zahira al-Haris, or Zahira the Protector (of songs and stories.) He gifted her his old book, his long pipe, and his guitar on his deathbed. She was to become a bard to rival him, and he tasked her with earning the nickname he earned in his life as a minstrel: the Soundmaker.

Her purpose was clear now. With a final farewell to her past life and her loved ones, Zahira moved on in life. She never forgot anyone though, and swore she would never forget anyone she met. Everyone had a story to tell. Every life was a song in the writing. And she was going to help share it with the world.


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Recent Development

  • Finally arrived in Illumia and met the Scholar, the Hero-Clutz, the Demon, and the Generous. Overall a fascinating first day!

Zahira is a natural storyteller with more stories than some would think! If there is a story you can think of, she could probably tell it. Below is a list of stories she's collected and able to tell very well. This is growing list, and she's not afraid to improvise if needs be. Simply ask her, and she will begin.

  • The Demon Hero of Old - Stories of the Red Demon's legacy and heroic deeds! From the legend of the mead hall to his time with the Squirrels, the Demon Saga is home to many a strange and wonderful tales!
  • Druzhina, the Doomed City - Stories from the lost dome city and it's mysterious tunnels. There are legends of ghosts and monsters lurking in its tunnels. A treasure supposedly lies inside the sealed dome city of old, but can they all be true? A favorite for campfires on quiet nights under the sky.
  • The Song of Thrym - A three part epic of a god stealing from another god, potentially causing a war of epic proportions! But, the war never comes! A trickster comes to help the god…much to everyone's amusement.
  • Ahl a-Din and the Golden Lamp - A long tale of a young man who finds a magic lamp with a genie inside. While at first, it seems like a dream. But…like all wonderous things, no one should ever take them for face value.
  • The Odalisques of the Dunes - Stories of the legendary Harem-Guard of the Sultan Murhiman XII. Often saucy, naughty, and funny combined together!
  • More to come!
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