Reeve Ambrose

“I'm puttin' the cuffs on you, punk.”

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Human
Height: 6'0'
Weight: 196 lbs
Belief: Atheism
Birth Date: August 1st
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Police Detective
Skills: Profiling, Melee Combat, Firearms
Birth Place: New Empire City, El Quattor
[THEME] Parasite Eve II - Mist
[VOICE] Keith Baring - The Boogie Man
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Hardened, cold and devoted, Reeve is the kind of person that takes his job above all else. The word 'rest' doesn't seem to comprehend that well within his vocabulary, as he finds himself having to always be on the go, even when he's told that he needs to stop. Reeve is a blunt and straight-to-the-point individual and often points out flaws and faults to a tee towards people.

He considers himself a protector of injustice, wanting to protect those that are in need. His duty may cause him to do rather irrational and unorthodox methods, inflicting his own code of morals when it comes to justice. He is a firm believer of the law and will follow orders unless his own views interfere. Regardless, he puts hostages, citizens, bystanders and innocents as his high priority and will attempt anything in his power to protect them from harm.

Outside of his job and duty, he's not much of a social butterfly. He places a barrier on himself, upon acting gruff, aloof and reserved to those who attempt to converse with him. This is actually a defensive mechanism from anyone who tries to get close to him and tends to keep it that way. Reeve is also a frequent chain-smoker as he constantly carries around a lighter and a pack of cigarettes, as the smell of tobacco lingers around him.

Overall, Reeve is not very easy to get along with. He isn't willing to trust anyone he meets, or act as welcoming as he should be. His difficulty to connect with others complicates his job as an officer sometimes, as he's usually indifferent to the people he's meant to protect and serve. He does have a compassionate side, however, even though it's not often seen. He desires to help anyone he could, but feels he's unable to do so, due to his personality and still feeling guilt-ridden about past actions.

Along with dark brown, unkempt messy hair with a pair of sapphire blue eyes, his expression is usually a mixture of a tired scowl, never smiling ever.


(Will fill in later.)

Recent Development

  • With the incident with the Dominion taking over Illumia in recent months, Reeve is hoping that things don't go awry around El Quattor. Either way, he's prepared for it.


  • He's currently on the case for several incidents that he wishes to investigate. Reeve hopes to solve them and see what's going on.

Friends and Foes

“Friends? Friends only get in the way. No thanks.”

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