Norah Monroe

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Race: Human
Height: 5'9
Belief: Agnostic
Born: June 1st, 595
Occupation: Rogue Trader
Hometown: Dorado Harbor, El Quattor
Living: Traveling
Citizen: Barony of El Quattor
Talents: Mechanical Labor, Simple Psionics, Deep Sea Diving, Negotiation
Character Sheet
Theme: Morning in Norkia
Voice: Jade


At a glance, Norah is easy to identify as a commoner, and tends to look none too out-of-place in the harbors and bazaars of Colico's busier cities. She favors practical and loose-fitting attire that suits the tropical, arid climates she works under and can easily be tied back or discarded, along with simple boots that needn't be replaced often. When the mood or occasion for dressing up strikes, Norah does cast aside her 'practical' attire for more feminine outfits- Sandals, summer dresses, and colorful bracelets in particular.

As humans go, Norah is rather fortunate in that most of her mutations are not plainly visible. Norah has a youthful, but athletic build that suggests she started working at a young age, but maintains a fair complexion- a result of the aquatic cells that make up her skin- despite a lifetime spent under Colico's burning hot sun. Against her often-plain attire, Norah's warm green eyes and long, slightly unkempt red hair tend to stand out as her most striking features.


Norah is an easy-going soul, but possesses a deceptively well-hidden work ethic. Among friends and co-workers alike, Norah can often be found making conversation, telling jokes, and teasing others. It takes a great deal of stress or panic to shake this nature of hers, and over the years, she's often taken on the burden of keeping others' morale and hopes up in such trying situations. As an adult, these experiences have fostered in her a knack for negotiation and making friends.

Whether on a job or off, Norah's hands are seldom idle. Norah is quick to fill any free time she amasses with odd jobs, personal projects, fixing gadgets or arranging friendly dates. While she doesn't make an impressive or luxurious income as a rogue trader, Norah takes a good deal of pride in her work, and goes about a task half-assed.


From an early age, Norah has had little in the way of possessions and family alike. Norah has never known her parents, and was raised since infancy by relatives in the form of an adoptive uncle and two older sisters. Growing up in Brasilis, in the Barony of El Quattor, Norah had always been something of a troublemaker from a young age, and dropped out of high school two years before graduation to apprentice as a trader throughout the Barony's many harbors.

Norah began working at 15, and initially lied about her age to stay employed. After a handful of long summers spent moving cargo, learning the ins-and-outs of sea and sky-faring ships alike, and delivering packages for traders of various repute, Norah found new work alongside a crew of space-faring Kasarite pilgrims. In the years that followed, Norah's trade shifted from peddling common goods to salvaging metal and electronics from fallen satellites and space debris throughout the planets of Kasaros and Bohem.

After several years spent honing her skills off-world, Norah eventually parted ways with her Kasarite mentors and formed a small crew of her own, to continue her work at home on Colico…


Norah's newest adventures on Colico have yet to begin, but rumors of a certain treasure to be found beneath the Migrant Sea has her eager to return home…

Recent Development

  • After a great many nights fighting the poor Extranet connection on the surface of Kasaros, Norah manages to put together a small team of treasure hunters, adventurers and irregulars from online postings, made of new and old friends alike.
  • Arranging to meet her new coworkers on Colico, Norah bids farewell to her Kasari contacts and packs her belongings for the long, dangerous flight back to El Quattor…
  • To say the flight home was a rocky one would be an understatement, when Norah's freighter was raided by a crew of murderous ogres and several tons of valuable cargo were lost in that atmosphere… With little money left to her name and nowhere left to go, she sets up a makeshift shop in Illumia and gets acquainted with her new coworkers.
  • Trouble befalls the city of scholars as the Imperial Fleet cuts off trade routes, and with her debts only growing, Norah turns her sights towards a new opportunity: A wealthy patron in the Barony of El Quattor looking for brave adventurers.
  • Despite the Imperial Fleet, poor weather and the convenient intervention of terrible creatures of the deep, Norah sails a pair of ships across the Migrant Sea, only to be left stranded in Aquitaine with friends, co-workers, strangers, and strange locals alike…

Friends and Foes


  • Samantha Finn :: “Neeeerd! Nah, I'm just playin', you're alright! Hey, where you goin'…?” Norah's old adoptive sister, and probably one of the better influences in her life… They may have wildly different ideas on what constitutes 'fun,' but seem to get along well in their rare meetings all the same.
  • Briar Finn :: “Where are you hiding, these days? Call me!” :: Norah's older-older adoptive sister, and definitely one of the worse influences in her life. Norah inherits a lot of her trouble-making nature from Briar, and does her best to stay in touch despite often being oceans or worlds away.

Top Dollars

  • Fran Dillinger :: “Our big break's comin' any day now, Fran, I can feel it!” :: One of Norah's oldest friends from her school days on the island of Brasilis, and a friend for life! Norah shows off a usually unseen 'chill' around Fran, and sometimes, maybe a certain fondness…
  • Quentin Ortega :: “My man! It's good to be home, eh?” :: Another friend from Norah's youth, recently rediscovered through a chance job posting that lead to the Rogue Traders' founding. Quentin hasn't changed much since highschool, and Norah is totally on board with that.
  • Yoko Okazaki :: “You're really cool. I just… Wanted you to know that.” :: A mercenary and Asuran Justicar recently hired into the Rogue Traders, to act as a 'moral compass' to Norah… Despite, or perhaps because of her calm demeanor, she seems to off-set Norah's rough edges. They get along well!

Best Buds

  • Harper Wright :: “Stick with me, kid, and we'll go far!” :: A recent hire into the Rogue Traders that Norah's taken a liking to. Beneath that timid exterior, Norah's pretty sure Harper's got the right stuff for this sorta gig, and is really very definitely like eighteen or close enough.
  • Marduk Soyadi :: “Someone who speaks my language! Or, the other way 'round, I suppose…” :: A package deal with Harper! Norah doesn't know Marduk too well, but always takes a liking to those who keep their head on straight in dangerous situations.
  • Aja Rahal :: “A go-getter that lives for the thrill! My kinda mate.” :: A recent friend, and traveling companion through atmospheric falls and rough seas alike! Norah sees a kindred spirit in Aja, and is pretty sure she could suplex a truck if she wanted to.
  • Rex Howlzer :: “This guy knows what's up.” :: A mercenary Norah met fairly recently, though adventurer may be a better term… He seems to appreciate the value of a paycheck, and in Norah's terms, 'keeps it real.' Whatever that entails.
  • Eris Zane :: “Hey, I didn't pay you to read all my emails!” :: A recent hire into the Rogue Traders, and someone Norah has some difficulty reading… She's a bit of a recluse, but does well at her job, and that's all it takes to stay on Norah's good side.


  • Arista Ullrdotr :: “Welcome to the real world, mate! Things sure look different from down here, huh?” - Norah hasn't got much love for Imperials, and seldom misses an opportunity to vocalize that. Lately, that manifests as a lot of 'friendly' ribbing with Arista…
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