Marduk Soyadi


Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: Kasari
Height: 6'0“ (1.82m)
Belief: n/a
Born: March 31st
Occupation: Member of the Rogue Traders; Mercenary/Assassin for Hire
Hometown: Kasaros
Living: Traveling
Citizen: Kasaros
Talents: Stealth, Hand to Hand Combat, Various Unscrupulous Activities
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Marduk is a fairly lithe man with dark brown skin and pointed ears of a moderate length. Though he is 'fairly lithe', he is by no means a weakling; his body shows plenty of evidence of muscle tone and strength. His hair is kept at a medium length and more often than not stays messy, but it is more remarkable in that it seems almost white, with just a slight tint of blue. His eyes are also striking as their irises are a pale lavender color.

When working, he's often seen in a black tunic with light leather armor, loose-fitting pants, and slim boots that make little to no noise while he walks. He keeps a scarf with him that he uses both as a dust filter for the lower half of his face and as a head wrap to hide his bright hair and conceal his identity when anonymity is required. He completes his outfit with a sturdy leather belt adorned with a gold buckle in the shape of a serpent with ruby eyes. His work outfit is specialized to help him hide lots of weaponry in the form of blades and handguns.

When off the clock or working more casual assignments, he'll often be seen wearing loose button-down shirts and well-worn jeans with a pair of thick, heavy work boots. Curiously, he always wears the same thick leather gloves that he wears with his work outfit. Also shared between the two outfits is the fact that Marduk is constantly armed to the teeth, some weapons worn in the open and some concealed. He never tells how many weapons he's carrying at any one time.


Marduk outwardly comes off as very quiet and serious, especially to strangers. He plans out all his assignments and activities to the letter and uses any tool at his disposal to get the job done. He's clever and adaptable, and has a knack for solving problems one step ahead of everyone else. He doesn't like to show much emotion, nor any pain, as he's a little bit wary of revealing weakness to others.

However, to those who can speak and understand Kasari, more of Marduk's true personality is revealed. In reality he's fairly laid back, and likes to chat and joke around when he has a little free time to do so. He's also highly devoted to those that he holds dear, protecting them and caring for them to the best of his ability.




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