Harper Wright

Gender: Gendervague (Takes any pronouns)
Age: 16
Race: Human
Height: 5'8
Belief: Agnostic
Born: December 3rd, 599
Occupation: Cook
Hometown: Illumia
Living: Azalea
Citizen: ???
Talents: Cooking, swimming, tripping
Harper Wright
Theme: Mother 3 - 16 Melodies
Voice: Selene


Harper is pale and scrawny, with soft brown hair to the shoulders, and surprisngly good posture for one whose soft green eyes are constantly cast to the floor. They're constantly fidgeting, wringing their hands, or spinning, some movement to keep them occupied and grounded in the current situation. Don't expect them to meet your eye or touch you.

Despite their least favorite pronouns being female, they present vaguely feminine, skirts with leggings and big clunky boots made of a soft material (they own one (1) pair of shoes). Despite the generally hotter climate they deal with, jacket hoodies are also a favorite, but really, anything with layers will do. Long sleeves a bonus. Oversize sleeves an extra bonus. A fan of cool and neutral colors.


Though still nervous, and still shy, Harper has grown bolder lately, and perhaps a fair bit braver. Though they try to remain polite, occasionally their filter fails, especially in a group they've grown comfortable with.This doesn't happen too often, however, and they still often will remain quiet, only voicing their criticisms to themself or Marduk. Much to Marduk and Alex's distress, they've also developed a bit of a potty-mouth, but that's so be expected when one spends too much time with pirates, right?

Though having grown much, they remain of a nervous nature, often spacing out in tense situations playing with their sleeves, shifting weight from foot to foot, or general fidgeting. Easily distracted, it's not hard to find them paying attention to something else entirely, and have to bring them back down to Colico with a word or a touch. An avid rule-follower, their company's actions often cause them great distress, increasing their distractability and fidgeting. This can be as simple as taking a library book without checking it out or breaking into an abandoned building.

Despite their deficiencies, they have decided to try to take care of themself, and will become irritated when their brothers hover. They hope to grow and learn more from their coworkers, who they perceive as extremely skilled and cool.


Harper was raised by their two brothers and a family friend. Their parents otherwise occupied, there was little choice. Octavian, being blind, wasn't left alone often with the child, and so Harper spent most of their time with Alex, who was trying to finish school. Despite their obstacles, when Octavian disappeared, they decided it was time to act, and struck out on their own to find him at the age of thirteen. Their mission, noble as it was, ended in failure - and a crash landing on Kasaros, a foreign planet Harper had never been to, and where they were subsequently stranded for the next two and a half years.

It was here that they were taken in by the Soyadi family, and where they lived mostly happily until two more of their siblings once again disappeared. This time, accompanied by their eldest brother, Harper's mission is at least not guaranteed failure this time. And thus they find themselves on Colico once more…


After their harrowing journey back to Colico, Harper and Marduk began looking for work, taking various odd jobs. Recently, they've been hired as a cook for some local traders. Traders who, unfortunately, have decided that the best course of action is to steamroll through an army and cross the ocean. Luckily, they made it mostly okay, and assistance procured, will be moving on soon.

Recent Development

  • After several months of trying, Harper and their brother finally manage to snag transport to Colico
  • Upon rocky landing, they quickly land a job with Norah and the Rogue Traders as a chef
  • After only a short time, they're relocated to El Quattor with a mixture of friends and strangers, and the group barely makes it
  • With the promise of assistance to leave the island, they retrieve a sword from a crypt with a band of fellow adventureres, and no, it was not as simple as that.
  • At least they got to blow some horrorterrors up
  • They currently await departure from the island, eagerly.

Friends and Foes


  • Marduk Soyadi :: “Y-you don't have to hover, I-I'm fine…” :: Harper's eldest adopted brother, they were never close with him until they began their journey to Colico. Despite their short time travelling together, they've grown incredibly close and are rarely seen apart from him, especially in a new environment.
  • Anu Soyadi :: “Can't you stop screaming..? ..No..no, I get it…” :: Harper's second-eldest adopted brother, he was the second of the family to form a close relationship, in part to their similar problems in day to day life and Anu's generally cheerful and friendly personality. The first missing sibling to be found! Now if only he'd take off the wolf mask…
  • Sira Soyadi :: “I'm just really, really glad you speak common. Like…really glad.” :: Harper's adopted sister, and the third youngest in the family, Sira was the first one to make a real connection with Harper, due in part to her ability to speak common, and strengthened by her knowledge of magic, then a special interest of Harper's, and later her cooking, now a special interest of Harper's. Also currently missing.
  • Alex Quinn :: “Wasn't I a burden anyway? All I did was cause problems..I'm sorry..” :: Alex is Harper's eldest blood-brother, though they only share a mother. He took over the role of parent from a young age to fill in for their constantly absent parents, juggling school, and then later a job, and caring for his developmentally delayed sibling while dealing with his own injury-induced muteness. Finally reunited, Harper must now convince their brother that their being in the Rogue Traders isn't a huge, huge mistake.
  • Shai Valtameri :: “D-do you have to wear the fake tail? It d-doesn't even match your ears! ..Okay, w-well, at least get a mechanical one, then!” :: Shai is Alex's childhood friend and current significant other, and stepped in to assist with childcare when Harper was four years old. Harper grew to love him as a parental figure…but still kind of wishes he'd take off the fake tail.
  • Octavian Wright :: “I'll find him, n-no matter what anyone says…” :: The middle child, and Harper's only full-blooded sibling, the albino has been missing for some time. He and Harper were never close, but that didn't stop them from venturing out on their own to find him! With disasterous consequences, unfortunately…


  • Norah Monroe :: “I-I won't let you down this time!! I know I said that the last four times…b-but I really mean it this time!!” :: Norah is the head of The Rogue Traders, and Harper's role model. Despite getting to know Norah better, they still consider her one of the cooler people they know.
  • Yoko Okazaki :: “Actually, I changed my mind….” :: Harper has a deep respect for Yoko, as someone who most definitely seems to have her life together and her priorities at least sort of close to being straight. Even if she more often than not just sort of goes with Norah's wild plans, it's nice to have someone down to earth to chill with occasionally. absolutely realized that Yoko is just as crazy as the rest of them. Goddammit.
  • Fran Dilinger :: “It's okay that you almost set me on fire, because…I mean, you didn't actually do it, that's plus one already…” :: Harper really wants to ask her for occultism lessons, but has a feeling that there will be multiple objections from multiple people over that. Still, Harper's suspicions have proved correct, and Fran is probably the nicest of the Big Three. And extremely pretty. Like, gosh.


  • Aja Rahal :: “Hey, um, listen, I know you believe in me and all that, but like….you probably shouldn't…sorry…” :: Harper was initially drawn to Aja by her boisterous personality - her confidence is something Harper aspires to. Besides considering Aja definitely obviously very good influence, they also simply find that they're a good match. They get along well and Harper feels pretty safe, and that's a winning combination.
  • Shura Adal :: “You're…a pretty good shot. Wow. I don't want to piss you off…like….ever.” :: Another big brother at this point, Shura and Harper are fairly close by now. They've gone on many an adventure, and Harper admires his sewing abilities. And aiming abilities. Like. Damn.
  • Rex Howlzer :: “[Another stupid idea…but..]..I think it could work, maybe…!” :: Considered once of the less-trustworthy rolemodels, Harper nevertheless admires his bravery and problem solving. They probably wouldn't follow him into battle, however. He's likely to run directly into a sarlacc pit just to see what would happen.
  • Tzuli Tonka :: “Oh, hard candy…? Thank you…!” :: Everybody loves grandma. Let's be real, Harper probably feels safest when with Tzuli. I mean, battle grandma, c'mon!!
  • Lisia Sunstar :: “Did you know my brother at the Academy? You two should talk sometime!” :: Lisia's kind of like a mom, like a cool mom who also shoots magic bolts sometimes, that kind of cool mom, and Harper appreciates her.
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