Gervasio Parser Unicó

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Race: Human
Height: 6'2'
Belief: Atheist
Born: April 1st
Occupation: Repair Guy, Programmer.
Hometown: New Empire City/The country.
Living: Dorado Harbor.
Citizen: El Quattori.
Talents: Hacking, Programming, Repairs
Character Sheet
Theme: Both Sides of the Law
Voice: Yosuke


The lanky, wiry frame, disheveled overgrown poofy hair and thoroughly unathletic presentation of Gervasio is enough to give away he's not exactly someone who spends much time outside or around other people at all. Dark bags hang heavy from underside brown eyes onto shimmering greasy skin, accentuated by long sharp features that only add to his already tired looking porte. Hanging from his boney complexion sit a simple pair of work coveralls that seem to be rotated, the main difference between them being either the shape of the oil on them or how worn they are; they usually hang off up to his waist showing off either a simple black tank top or shirts with increasingly either increasingly cryptic references to pop culture and obscure extranet jokes or gaudy designs from animated franchises. Footwear seems to vary from either heavy duty work boots, worn down sneakers and, god forbid, sandals. With socks.

Rarely does he wear an alternate ensemble of plaid shirts with the same, mostly black, shirts and baggy faded blue jeans held up by a simple belt or an unbelievable hideous one depending on the day.

His hands are always sporting some form of bandages of band aids either by hurting himself while poking and prodding thru machinery or being to rough with them while nervous.

While in his home he's a slob who barely manages to bathe and change shirts once every 4-5 days he absolutely hates interacting or going outside in that state, and having to interact with someone else or be dragged outside while not freshly out of the shower greatly throws him off his game and even upsets him.


The hero everyone loves! The rascal who is scorned but beloved! Always know what to say, always with a witty remark! HA, he wishes.

Gervasio still has the long ongoing onset of what would be known to the modern world as “social anxiety” as a leftover from prolonged teenage, rare from someone who had mostly a street upbringing.

While the woes of his youth and the personal, terrifying knowledge on how the cities of Dorado chewed up and regurgitated misplaced youth such as him left an array of unhealthy coping mechanisms in its wake those are far from being the core of his behavior. He can have a surprisingly sunny, if ever so smug, disposition towards anyone who can break through his initial shell of awkwardness or shares his same interests.

All that said the roughness of life didn't left him with nothing, he can be quite cheeky when the situation is needed.

At least that's the flesh counterpart of him.

Enter the extranet, where anyone can be whoever they want. Here sometimes he can be overtly mean, overtly obnoxious and overtly a complete dickhead. At least, most of the time, he knows where to draw the line, and feels genuine regret and guilt when he knows he's been in the wrong.


Just another young guy living in a single room apartment New Empire City alongside his technological clutter, some modern but mostly from ages past, surrounded by discarded junk food packages and energy drinks; walls plastered with posters of vivid drawings from a faraway land or both famous and obscure movies. His livelihood being provided by either programming jobs or repairs.

Surprisingly enough he's reserved about subjects regarding his family, how he came to learn the most unsavory parts of his skill set and general mental state, unhealthily so.

What's he's more willing to share is the tale about how some poor kiddo from the less savory part of town in the lack of the street smarts or wit of his peers and less inclination towards physical work found an outlet and employment in fiddling, fixing and creating technological appliances, this naturally set its course to an early discovery of the extranet and subsequently drowning all his anguishes into either it or the endless stories and content it facilitated.

And with time curiosity beat the meekness, a smart kid left to his devices learns the ins and out of the machine, it's code, how it works and how everything connects, the rest is history.

As a hacker while he tries to be as anonymous as possible the rush of adrenaline and satisfaction the recognizement some small, mostly vandalism, extranet feats made him reckless little by little. While most of his little jobs are still under an anonymous guise and purely for ethical or vandal reasons, the same handle may surge from time to time, and this might end up as another case of a young punk not knowing what he's getting into…


Recent Development

Friends and Foes

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