Freya Leone

“Please, let me show you my heart!”

Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Elf
Belief: Spirituality
Born: May 4th
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Charity
Living: Dorado Harbor
Citizen: Barony of El Quattor
Talents: Singing, Song Writing, Dancing
Character Sheet
Speaking Voice
Singing Voice

Personality and Description

Freya is a dedicated girl. Once she has an idea in her head there's a goal in her heart and the sky's the limit. She's a pacifist, rarely engaging in conflict and it's often a bad habit of hers to apologize for nothing. She knows she can be a bit naive but she uses each day to try to better herself and the world she lives in. Freya learned to sing at a young age and has a natural talent that most around her don't. People around her, mostly fellow classmates, know this and thus she is subjected to bullying.

She is often the center of attention though not by choice and she recieves a lot of jealous frustration. Despite this Freya continues to see the good in people even when she sees the ugly in humanity on a daily basis. She chooses to use her plight as reason to keep going, wanting to go on for others who might go through what she does and give them a voice.

Her dream to travel Colico to sing for the world meets with lots of criticism but Freya will defend it and what's in her heart to the bitter end. In her mind, anyone can stomp and ridicule her all they want but she will not tolerate if they question her conviction to help others or how genuine her dream is. She wants to share her music with the world in hopes of reaching the hearts of everyone. There is no swaying of her mind or her heart, no matter what.

She is otherwise an optimistic girl, always trying to look on the bright side. She will be willing to exhaust every option she can think of before giving up. She is quite good at rallying a group, reminding someone of the wonderful things that are out there and staying grateful. She's very much like a train! Unless there's a huge magnitude of force, it's hard to knock her off her rails.

Recent Development

  • Being a good student and tending to her studies!
  • During her free time Freya frequents the harbor. She sings to herself peacefully though this time a man by the name of Elijah overhears her and the two enter in conversation. Something tells her there's more to him than his carefree attitude but somehow she feels more determined to go through with what she wants to do. She hopes they meet again.
  • As time goes on, Freya gets to know Elijah. They have a fun time at the karaoke bar though her friend Enya seems to have eyes for him. Still, they enjoy each other's company. She shares with him her dream of singing for the world and he eventually tells her of his own failing dream. Finding that unacceptable Freya swears to the man that she will show him that hope never dies and he can achieve his dream again. They make a promise to each other to help make each other's dreams come true. 'Wherever you go, I go…'
  • She finishes school just in time for the start of summer! Rush convinces her to go to Comodo with him to investigate a mysterious misty tower that appeared just out of the ocean. Freya agrees and the two make it to the colorful beach.
  • Rush and Freya meet a group of people who are also looking into the tower and together, they make for what used to be Cascadia - a land Freya longed to go. After studying about the kingdom of artisans and performers for nearly most of her teenage life, she proved mighty useful when they made their arrival. Once the team finishes powering up the gates, they make it to the city proper and Freya could not be more excited to explore.

“My Family”

  • Icarus Leone - “I will do my best not to disappoint you, brother.” Her older, over-protective brother. Born into the family with his own natural talents, Icarus is very successful in what he does as both a professor and a doctor. He has high expectations of his sister and wishes she would give up the notion of singing and stick to a more practical path.

“Lovely Friends”

  • Enya O'Hara - “My roommate and my best friend! We're both singers with big dreams!” Another elven girl Freya grew up with. She's much more flamboyant and independent and a very hard worker. She knows what she wants and how to get it and she admires her a lot.
  • Rush - “He's very handsome but there's more to him than meets the eye. I promise you your dream will come true again! Wherever you go, I go!” A man with canine features she met when she accidentally sang for him. The two have become fast friends since and share a similar love for their dreams. He's taken her under his wing when it comes to learning how to have fun.

“I wonder what they're like…“

  • Anikata Doraemyn - “I think she's cute! She's very.. serious about things but after hearing that she owns a flower shop, I know there's a sweet girl deep down! She's even going to lend me an orb for my first catalyst!
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