Dawn Elereth

Gender: Female
Age: 28
Race: Elf
Height: 5'5''
Belief: N/A
Born: February 14th
Occupation: Doctor
Hometown: Charity
Living: Illumia
Citizen: Imperial of Dominion
Talents: Cooking, Medicine, Embroidery, Singing
Character Sheet
Theme: Tokyo Xanadu OST - Common Sight
Voice: Towa Hershel


Dawn is unusually short for a typical elf, standing at a mere five foot five in height which is considered rather uncommon among elves. She has a relatively petite frame, with light brown hair that goes past the shoulders, which she occasionally ties into a side ponytail and light blue eyes.

Unlike her twin sister, Dawn, while they look similiar in appearance, a few key differences can be seen if eyed correctly. Dawn's hair is a bit of the lighter shade of brown and lastly, Dawn has a slightly bigger bust than her twin's.

Her usual attires consists of modest clothing, dresses that doesn't show too much skin on her body, due to her shy nature. Her common attire would be a doctor's coat worn on her person, with a blouse and skirt and comfortable shoes. –


Nervous and anxious, Dawn is best described as someone that worries about others than herself. She tends to overract on things too easily, which might come off as naive, for a lack for better words. And to make matters worse, she talks with a stutter with each word and sentence that comes out of her mouth, which makes it all but difficult for her to communitate with others.

Despite this handicap, Dawn is a very gentle and kind soul to those that attempt to converse with her. Due to her nature as a doctor, she will always lend a helping hand, no matter who the person is. She'll never refuse aid who asks for it and will do her damnest to make that person better if she could. However, she can be rather selfless, not looking for her own well-being when a dire situation arises.



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