James Calix Hale-Tamasi


Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: Human
Height: 5'9
Belief: Atheist
Born: April 1, 600
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Illumia
Living: Illumia
Citizen: City of Illumia
Talents: High computer literacy, visualization, and logic
Character Sheet
Theme: Alive-Krewella
Voice: Logan Lerman


White hair, turquoise eyes, and a tall frame. While Calix's gadgets make him look small, he's actually a tall kid. He wears blue jeans under his coat. His coat is white with turquoise diamond-pattern details. It is lightweight and flowy.

He constantly has his ears phones on, whether they're always on or not, no one knows. He never seem to take them off.


Calix is pensive and observant. His silence should never be mistaken as ignorance. His words are carefully selected and usually only speaks when spoken to.

He chooses his battles but once he takes something on, he will not give up until he's done. He enjoys puzzles of any sort. Something new to pick his brain is always welcome.


Born and raised in Illumia, Calix is well-exposed to the movement of the city.

He met an accident when he was 11 and made his forget most of his memories. Calix relies on existing information to cross check if the things he remembers are real or not.

Mutations: synthetic, irradiation, and psionic. [still in development]


Still in development

Recent Development

  • Still in development
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