Arista Ullrdotr

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Gender: Female
Age: 24
Race: Elf
Height: 5'10“
Belief: The Communion
Born: September 23, 592
Occupation: Trader
Hometown: Charity
Living: Illumia, Arcadia
Citizen: Imperial of Dominion
Talents: Musically inclined, Gardening, and Mediation
Character Sheet
Theme: Arista's Playlist
Voice: Ashley Greene


Her fiery red hair is one of the most striking attribute one notices from afar. The length and style varies every now and then but it is rarely above the back of her knee. It sways to her movement and looks silky to touch.

Upon looking at her face, her dichromatic eyes give a mixture of fierceness and naivety. Her right eye is light rose and her left eye is sky blue. When the light hits her eyes, they glint like topaz and tourmaline and in the dark, they can go as deep as crimson red and cobalt blue.

Other than that, she is just like any other elf: robust, elegant, and prosperous. She stands 5 feet and 10 inches in height; an inch above the average height of most female elves. Her build is lean, the opposite of her slender figure before she started training. There are no pronounced ridges on her muscles but they are fairly toned. Her ear, just like any other elf is pointy, but she has an unconscious habit of twitching them like a mischievous fairy.

Arista adores the color green especially when it comes to her clothing. Her dresses were mostly dracaenean green with golden embellishments. Ever since taking residence in Illumia, she swapped her dresses for less-flashy clothing: tanks tops and shorts with pockets. Lots of pockets. On colder days, she'd layer up but still keep it light. Her favorite footwear is a pair of comfortable wide fit tan tweed panel lace up ankle boots.

After a job and the series of events that unfolded, Arista went into hiding and donned a dark purple hood. She dyed her hair black and switched to training clothes made up of lightweight dark purple cloth. She still uses this get up when doing jobs or during training. Occasionally, she uses a short-term illusion she got from a hobbyist to mask herself as a necromancer.

Her most prized possessions are: a dracanean green long robe and a teardrop chain necklace. A sling of chain hangs around her waist and she wears an emerald choke most of the time. To add to that, she keeps a Nekomimi Cyber headphones given by Rex at hand to relax her.

She has a snowy white owl as companion named Haleon.


Grace of a princess, wrath of a warrior.

Born and raised in Charity, the elegant and prosperous lifestyle very much contributed to Arista’s personality. She is quite self-indulgent to certain things, mostly in private than in public. She also upholds self-preservation highly. Having grown up in a very sheltered environment, Arista is often naïve and stubborn. Her mother’s insistence of personality refinement managed to make Ari quite uptight about certain things. She is mostly self-composed, seldom shows signs of embarrassment, perhaps forward or bold. Charisma, culture, and dominance have been hardwired into her. In turn, she tends to take success for granted and makes mountains out of molehills. She has also suppressed a few of her inherent traits such as her impulsiveness and pleasure-seeking in accordance to her mother’s teachings.

Without her guard up, Arista has a sanguine temperament and lean towards the elation of spirit. She speaks in a friendly, energetic, playful kind of way. She is frank, talkable, sociable, emotions readily expressed and does not stand on ceremony. She is hearty and cordial, even to strangers; forms acquaintanceship easily. She is receptive by nature and outgoing. She is usually called a 'super-extrovert' by her brother. This temperament makes her a natural in sales and trade. She has a tendency to lead into a room with her mouth and is rarely at a loss for words.

While she remained alone in Illumia by choice, she is most comfortable around people and does not like being alone. She is often known as a “toucher”; reaching out and touching the arm or shoulder of the person she is talking with. This can make more introverted temperaments nervous and uncomfortable. Her energy can make her seem more confident than she actually is and her cheery disposition often cause others to excuse her weaknesses by saying, “That's just how she is”.

Ari often forgets that the universe isn't all about the good things. She'd like to see things positively and likes convincing people to see it the same way. She can come off rather naive and at times bragging. Her other weaknesses include a lack of discipline which can be expressed in many ways, mostly in self-discipline.

She is the most emotional in her family can burst into tears or a rage without warning. This is something that remained unchecked while growing up. These outbursts are usually over as fast as they occur but this lack of emotional consistency can affect other areas of her life. She may be “morally flexible” and may take advantage of others via her good nature.

Arista has a strong inclination to vanity and self-complacency. She finds a childish joy and satisfaction in outward appearance, in her clothes and work. She loves to behold himself in the mirror.

In her time in Illumia, she has developed a coping mechanism as drinking herself to sleep. She has also become very uncomfortable at being left out.


Arista is a young elf that grew up in Charity with her family. Her dad did dry goods trading in Illumia and she'd accompany him sometimes. Her life was nothing too exciting as her parents tried to shield her and her brother from different realities. The turning point was when her brother decided to join the Temple Justicars. She didn't quite understand why he did that and she took it as her brother abandoning her and her family. In turn, she gave all her energy on helping her dad with their business.

It was during the frequent trips to Illumia that she understood why her brother joined the Justicars. She decided to reside in Illumia to do as much as she can to support her brother's cause. However, she does feel bad about leaving her mother back home.


Nothing is ever nothing.

Her story in Colico started a year after she arrived.

One night, she met a group of beaten up strangers. A few of them were injured and she decided to help them out with some supplies from the tavern. One of them was Dawn, who was bleeding profusely. After patching them up, she invited them to dinner at the tavern and asked for more details about their arrival. Arista discovers their names and a bit about them. Marduk is a Kasarite who’s in Illumia with Harper. Aja is returning to Colico from her adventures. Zelan was not with their party but he’s a kind Homun who sat with them. While they were having dinner, a brusque elf asks the group where a certain person was. The group tells him they don’t know and Ari demands he doesn’t harass her guests. He converses with the group for a while before leaving them be. It seems that the elf named Rhydian was actually looking for Norah, head of the Rogue Traders and one the group’s companions at the crash. Ari gets riled up at the thought of illegal trade and drinks way too much Green Ale for her own good. She passes out on the table from being too drunk. Ari wakes up later on with her companions looking at her. She offers them a place to stay so they can rest for the night. Once they were in her inn room, she falls asleep with not much hospitality to offer due to being drunk.

If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for? Her life in Illumia continued to progress as she had planned. She continued looking for her brother until it dawned on her that she was going through the motions of life without purpose. She sought the help of Rex and started taking some jobs, even if she didn't need to. She put herself out there and observed the dealings of those less fortunate. It also marked the start of her adventuring days as she took job requests that required a substantial amount of risk and labor. While some things bothered her, she was able to live comfortably. They even have a second house to boot.

When life gives you lemons, you squirt someone in the eye. For a time, she focused on shipments and research on lucid dreaming. She was also looking for someone who can provide a source of alternative energy for the house. All these were dropped when Illumia's biggest festival was cancelled. The Dominion's looming presence in the Migrant Sea raised the alarm of its residents. In effect, the trade routes where her family's textile company were using have been deemed unpassable but she has enough to live by. While Ari sees no harm in the Dominion's arrival, Rex believes there's more out there. Particularly, in Dorado.

It is not what it seems. On their way to Dorado, their plan to get through Migrant Sea failed and resulted to the Dominion Navy opening fire at her. Ari was shot but was fortunately healed by her companions. The horrors did not stop there as a sea monster lurked in the waters and attacked the bigger boats. She spent most of the trip in shock and full of uncertainty. The stopped by an airship wreck and she refused to go in. She kept it mostly together until they arrived in a port town called Oakdale. She fainted and was brought to an inn. Upon her waking, she was faced with more uncertainty as plans started to shift. Her emotional capacity started to dwindle as she confronted questions about purpose and significance. Ari contemplated if the company she keeps is worth staying around for or if it was better if she took a different path; a safer and more legal one.

I am nothing. Despite her doubts, she remained true to an unwritten pact with Rex. She traveled with the group towards Dorado but they made a short detour. While the group explored a shipwreck, Ari fervently hoped they would hurry up so that they can get out of the Migrant Sea. The group returned with a box to which they decided to open. A burst of bright light and holographic imagery of the naval locations came about before them. In Ari's panic of getting spotted, she lashed out at her companions and resulted to her being hit by a butt of a revolver. She was unconscious for the rest of the trip and woke up with a dull headache at an inn. With the help of Rex's powers, the headache dissipated. They had a conversation that went south as Ari concluded that being herself was the problem. She attempted to find logic in this but it ended up triggering a series of bad memories. She suffered a disassociative seizure. No physical injuries were incurred but her will and enthusiasm had left. She was completely subdued.

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.

Recent Development

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