Akira Yoshida


Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Human
Height: 186cm
Belief: Shintoism.
Born: October 30th
Occupation: Rowdy boy, Freeter
Hometown: Yomi
Living: Amatsu
Citizen: Asuran
Talents: Driving, Sweet talking, Freeloading
Character Sheet
Theme: Dark Side Movin'
Voice: Tomokazu Sugita Benjamin Diskin


Akira's disposition is obviously that of someone who thinks dressing like you came out of a B flick from 30 years ago is cool, surprisingly he pulls it off rather well to achieve that sharp thrift store discount bad boy look. He has sharp eyes and messy dark hair to compliment that look, his general wardrobe generally includes worn clothes, white shirts, faded jeans, gaudy jackets and kicks among other things. One thing that catches the eye is that he's always wearing a necklace with a single bullet hanging from it.

He's decently built with an athletic body type, he looks like he can pack quite a punch. From time to time when he's too lazy to shave he sports a peachy fuzz.


Akira is the quintessential definition of a wild card, sometimes you don't know where or how to shot with this guy. While he likes to project an image of being a stone cold hardass in reality he wears his heart on his sleeve, he's quick to tick off and quicker to jump to any kind of conclusions however as a trade off he's also very direct and to the point, simply one track minded.

On the flip side while he is conscious of how he looks and presents himself he's a complete slob at his home and when he doesn't hyper focus on getting something done he's lazy as a cat. This guy will spend entire weekends sleeping if he can, if not he's probably laying on the floor in his boxers watching tv all day.

Another of his quirks is that he's simply a bag of tricks, when he's gotta do something done his resourcefulness shines, improvisation is key and few people play the “making it up as you go” game better. He knows he comes off as intimidating and uses it to his advantage. If he doesn't reek of cigarettes he reeks of alcohol.

He's grown accustomed to planning for short terms of time however, and mostly drifts between different part-time jobs and side gigs, most stable jobs are not a good fit for someone who has constant trouble with their boss.

However, even with all the booze, cigarettes, gambling, IOUs, mean talk and the occasional bar fight he ends up being a good guy (in most accounts). When speaking his native tongue he has a strong regional accent. (Kansai Accent)


His story is not any different from any kid who had to face hardship growing up, you'd have to ask him for specifics. That is if he's even willing to give them.


Recent Development

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