Aja Rahal

Gender: Female (Genderfluid)
Age: 22
Race: Scythian
Height: 6'2“
Belief: ??
Born: July 25th, 593
Occupation: Nomad
Hometown: Scythia
Living: Traveling
Citizen: Scythia, Illumia
Talents: Psionics, Intimidation, Feats of Strength, Loudness
Aja Rahal
Theme: Sangre Mar
Voice: Fang


True to Scythian nature, Aja’s appearance is nothing short of bold. She is partial to revealing ensembles favoring cropped leather tops and harnesses, paired with slitted pantaloons belted by swathes of fabric in deep, rich colors and sparse jewelry. A black fur mantle hangs over one side of her shoulder and torso just above the hip, clearly loved and well-worn.

Aja’s most striking feature are her broad curved horns, ridged with wavelike grooves. They are decorated simply with few free-hanging gold chains and a pair of tourmaline rings. In contrast to her dark tanned skin and burning-orange hue of her eyes, Aja’s wildly chopped hair retains a brilliant shade of turquoise - coarse to the touch, with a distinct downy quality closer to the neck and ears. Perhaps indicative of her choice in clothing, she is powerfully built even amongst most Scythians and takes great pride in the fact.


Aja possesses a vigorous spirit, hard as nails through and through. Her exceptionally extroverted personality is a constant testament to her confidence and often brashness - gregarious at best, bullheaded and prone to ire at worst. Even with such a fierce temper, she lives glibly and bracing of others; sometimes physically, possibly painfully.

An air of restlessness pervades Aja’s mannerisms and actions: the need to constantly be on the move, fast and loose, reckless in nature. What most consider a fool’s errand, Aja sees a challenge. Her appetite for such ventures is nigh insatiable - and once her mind is set, it is almost impossible to convince her otherwise.


Aja is unusually tight-lipped about her history and the circumstances that spurred her to leave her homeland, and for so long. She shares little beyond common knowledge.


Ever on the hunt for new adventures, it won’t be long before Aja is on the move again.

Recent Development

  • After several years of galactic drifting, Aja is finally homebound aboard a vessel en route to Colico. Despite her nature to never stay in one place for long, she’s fond enough of her homeworld to at least stay a while. That, or she’s run out of money.

Friends and Foes


  • Halim Rahal :: I’ll take you on eventually, old man - count the days!” Aja’s father, a hardy high-spirited man never without some sort of mirth. She definitely inherits her brazen nature from his own impulsiveness.
  • Turoa Rahal :: “I’ll be back, and I’ll make you proud.” Aja’s mother, the iron hand of the family. Aja learned most of her technique through her, though most of it tends to go out the window in the heat of battle (to Turoa’s constant disappointment).
  • Sirha Rahal :: “Quit embarassin’ me.” Aja’s middle sister. Her judicious nature is often a front a dry snark, though she reserves most of it for Aja in particular.
  • Yatsuli Rahal :: “Wait for me. I’ll find you.” Aja’s little sister, and a lighthearted soul. Though far more complacent than her sisters, she’s a frequent accomplice to Aja’s mischief and just as willful. Her disappearance was abrupt and without much explanation, much to Aja’s frustration - she can’t help but think the worse.


  • Harper Wright :: “You’re braver than you think, y’know? You’re gonna go far.” Even with their polar personalities, Harper’s friendship comes easy. Aja holds a certain fondness for them, and is ever-impressed by their deceptive resilience (and rebellious streak).
  • Norah Monroe :: “Gutsy! Getting up to illegal shit’s never been better.” A fast friend, though having their galactic transport hijacked by ogres and forced to freefall into Colico’s atmosphere with only this rogue trader’s piloting skills between them and a grisly death certainly helps builds the trust. Aja’s stuck around with her company through thick and thin, even if she isn’t actually an ‘official’ crew member.
  • Marduk Soyadi :: “We don’t talk, but we’re cool.” A Kasari that always seems to be in Harper’s shadow despite towering over the majority of their party. A language barrier doesn’t matter much to Aja on the frontlines of battle, where they get along plenty.
  • Rex Howlzer :: “Sharing is caring! Or somethin’.” A human hungrier than Aja, on most days! She’s a shameless mooch for his steady supply of snacks and food on top of her regular teasing, but she appreciates the company (and brute strength) of a kindred spirit.
  • Lisia Sunstar :: “The sweetest! Remind me never to get on your bad side.” An older elf that’s been in Aja’s good books since day one (her tendency to distrust Imperials aside). For a mage and professor, she has a pretty stellar right hook.
  • Tzuli Tonka :: “Stop clawin’ me to get my attention, I can see you just fine!” An elderly silvani aboard the Rogue Traders’ vessel that never misses an opportunity to heckle its reckless crew members - it’s nonstop treatment for Aja, who always comes back with one too many scrapes and bruises.
  • Shai Valtameri :: “…Is that tail real?” Harper’s… uncle? Aja isn’t sure how large her family really is and it’s a little too late to ask, but he hits the nail on the head for wacky uncle. It’s probably because of the rock collection (she’s a huge fan). And maybe definitely the tail.
  • Fran Dillinger :: “Look, we’re pals, but settin’ me on fire while cackling is a little out there, y’know?” One of Norah’s more sprightly coworkers, and just a smidge bizarre. At least she’s the good kind of occultist, Aja thinks.
  • Shura Adal :: “You’re one hell of a crackshot! Is there somethin’ about threading needles and shootin’ guns I’m missing here…” A frequent comrade! It’s not often Aja comes across someone who can speak her native language - she wishes she knew him a bit better.

Familiar Faces

  • Alex Quinn :: “Oh, I see - you’re the ‘responsible’ brother.” Another one of Harper’s siblings Aja’s met in several passings. He doesn’t talk much, either, but they get along well enough - at least, until he realizes how much of a bad influence she and the others are on Harper.
  • Gervasio Parser Unicó :: “Think about how jumpin’ a Yo Joe-slash-adventure blog would be – Eh? Eh?” A blogger (?) Aja met on an odd job and ended up roping into a decidedly grittier undertaking. She feels a little guilty for getting him into their wild mess of an adventure… just a tiny bit.

Swivin’ Whoresons

  • The Dominion :: “Wouldn’t mind if every last one of you dropped dead… but I’ll do what I can.” Aja’s crossed paths with the Dominion enough times in her life to develop a deep-seated grudge against anyone remotely affiliated with their invading forces. There’s not much she can do on her own, despite her willingness to confront them.
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