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The Sea of Stars

The Sea of Stars is the name of the galaxy in which Colico and its neighboring worlds are located, and in a broader context, the name of the over-arching setting in which the stories of this server take place. There are innumerable worlds in the Sea of Stars, but less than one hundred have any sort of civilization or settlements of any significance on their surface.

The overwhelming majority of worlds within the galaxy are considered 'Dust Worlds'- Planets uninhabited by people but littered with the ruins of Old World civilization or space-faring wreckage fallen from the sky. Throughout the Sea of Stars, even inhabited worlds are seldom ever welcoming to life or prosperity- No matter what corner of the galaxy one explores, most planets are ill-suited to greenery and agriculture. Merchants, trade, and communication over the Extranet bridge the gap between planets, but no kingdoms, nations or empires span more than a single planet and a handful of colonies.

Realism of Space

The Sea of Stars, and Colico itself are largely fantastical in nature, despite incredible technology, space-faring, and online communication all playing core features to the stories told within. While space travel in the real world is prohibitively difficult due to the constraints of physics and biology, in the universe of Colico, it is a great deal simpler and less realistic.

  • Space is an ocean. Being exposed to the vacuum of space without breathing equipment or a space suit won't result in one's instant death, the way it would in real life. Space is frigid and lacks air to breath, but one can survive for a few seconds to a minute or two, as if swimming in an arctic ocean. Dying in space is akin to drowning.
  • Most worlds are technically livable. Despite having few worlds suited to farming or agriculture, most worlds in the Sea of Stars have more or less the same level of gravity and a breathable atmosphere. Hostile planets are usually considered hostile due to monstrous wildlife, extreme weather, war-mongering locals or strange magical phenomena.
  • Time is simple. Regardless of what world you are on, or if you are traveling through space, it is the same day and month everywhere. The current year varies by world, and is based only on significant events: On Colico, it is the year 616, as the Dominion of Charity was founded six hundred and sixteen years ago.
    • Don't think too hard about this.
  • Space-faring is complicated. As the vast, vast majority of stories told on this server take place on the single planet of Colico and the moons, planets, and other places that surround it, don't worry too much about how space ships or faster-than-light travel across the Galaxy works. Should it ever matter, it will be explained in the future.

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