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The world of Colico is full of stuff. From technology to common goods, languages, wild life and other things, this page categorizes all manner of things that exist (or explicitly do not exist) in the setting. Everything listed below is very common knowledge.

For a compendium of uncommon things, see the Fluff wiki page!

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Compendium of Things

Media | Languages | Currency | Items


The means by which people communicate over a long distance, receive news, or indulge in entertainment.


The way people people speak to one another, verbally and written. The languages listed here are all widely spoken, modern tongues. Dead, historic, or exotic languages are not listed.


The items people assign monetary value to, and trade for goods and services. This doesn't include raw resources or items that are traded directly.


Raw resources, materials, or substances, either found in nature or produced artificially.


The means by which people travel great distances more quickly than by foot. This doesn't include animals that can be tamed and mounted.


The artificial, man-made devices and techniques that fill the world- In particular, all technologies that do not fit under one of the other categories on this page.


The common, non-sentient creatures that populate Colico and neighboring worlds.


Common landmarks, settlements, and designations of territory.

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