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Known by many names to many people, the world of Colico is an arid, medium-sized world, and the second nearest to the sun, after Dormin. Colico has three moons: Altea, Ares, and Selene.

In the past, Colico was considered an insignificant, back-water planet in the greater universe, surrounded on all sides by dead and hostile worlds and populated mostly by disparate societies of Humans, Fair Folk, Silvani, Caravani, and Scythians. Colico's contemporary history begins 616 years ago, at the start of the modern calendar, when deep wells of illustrious Ivory Oil were discovered on the planet. Only months after the first wells were discovered did the Elves travel from distant stars to colonize the planet, followed by countless others…

On the surface, Colico is a barren, arid world, locked in almost perpetual Summer. Compared to its neighboring worlds, however, Colico's surface is one teeming with life and diversity. Countless different peoples and societies cover the eastern and western continents, as well as the countless islands that dot Colico's wide oceans.


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