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Average Lifespan: 70-100 Years
Average Height: 5'4“ - 6'4”
Complexion: Normal, real-world human tones.
Physique: Humanoid
Origin World: Colico


Humans are the most populous race on Colico, and also, arguably, the most varied and diverse. Humans can be tall or short, lithe or muscular, and everything inbetween, just like their counterparts in the real world. Beyond this, however, many Humans have been tempered by the harsh environments they reside in, transformed by supernatural forces throughout history, or gifted with magical and biological quirks passed down through parents of other races. Below are several of the most common groups of Humans.


Taking their name from their native home, the Migrant Sea, the Migrant-Kind Humans (or simply 'Migrants') can be found all throughout the Baronies of El Quattor and Serenidad, the thousands of islands that surround them, and even as far as the eastern shores of Sarasa. Migrants have walked Colico for thousands of years, and are believed to be descendants of the long-lost Kingdom of Cascadia.

Physically speaking, the most defining trait of Migrants is their ability to breath under water indefinitely, and resist the strain of pressure at greater depths than most- An ability attributed to the unique cellular composition of their skin. Though exceptions exist, Migrant-Kind Humans tend to have eye colors in the blue, green, and violet side of the spectrum, and a tendency towards vibrant hair colors that some connect to many shared bloodlines with the Fair Folk who live in many of the same places.

The Wild Ones


People of the Far East


The Lamphese


The Curse of Shells

In the deep woods and rainforests of Vhima Sola, where few humans tread in the present day, legends tell of an exiled Thumori sorcerer that communed with a triad of insect-like Elementals for power over the woods, before betraying them and being devoured by the three in comeuppance. So incensed by his schemes, the Elementals laid a curse on all the Humans of Vhima Sola that twisted their arms, legs, and sometimes more into horrific bug-like forms made of chitin and thread-like muscle.

Though highly disputed by scholars, most agree that Humans bearing the Curse of Shells (or 'Shelled-Kind,' as is more socially acceptable) can trace their bloodlines back to the woods of Vhima Sola in ancient times, and many, many more places in recent centuries. The ill affects of the 'Curse', if it can be considered one are primarily cosmetic- Most Shelled-Kind Humans possess greater speed, dexterity, and fleshly resilience than others, and to a very progressive few, their mutation is considered desirable.

The Touch of Polymelia


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