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Average Lifespan: 100-130 Years
Average Height: 5'7“ - 6'7”
Complexion (Imperials): Normal, real-world human tones, including faintly gray and blue on the fairer side of the spectrum.
Complexion (Deep Elves): Normal, real-world human tones, including faintly red and green on the darker side of the spectrum.
Physique: Humanoid
Origin World: Iris (Destroyed)



Fallen from the Heavens

The history of the Elves prior to their initial arrival on Colico somewhere between 1100 and 1500 years before the present is a subject left hazy at best, and with most scholarly sources on the matter coming from the Dominion of Charity’s academics. What historical works and documents make it to the public eye are few and far between, and bad things tend to follow those who initially publicize them. What is certain, however, is that the majority of Elves first came to be on a planet that no longer supports them.

The first homeworld of the Elves is the distant world of Iris, orbiting a different star than Colico. The world of Iris is said to have once been a verdant, sub-tropical planet with large oceans, countless islands, and a central, very large continent lacking in tall mountains. A mix of rich soil and magically charged air combined to turn Iris into a grand breadbasket for the Elves: An abundance of farms saw that the Elves never went hungry, the enormous growth of towering trees gave them natural foundations to build their homes, and the Elves harnessed the arcane power in their atmosphere to propel themselves into a magitech-funded golden age.

This golden age would one day come to an end, however, as an unnatural meteor hurtled towards the planet, breaking up into a dozen mountain-sized shards as it entered the atmosphere. The initial impact devastated the Irisian mainland and set nearly all the world’s forests ablaze. In the aftermath, an arcane plague swept over the realm, transforming the planet’s surface over the course of less than a decade. The wood of the great trees were drained of color and hardened like steel, the fertile soil degraded to a coarse salt, and the Elves experienced starvation and a mass-extinction of creatures for the first time.

Even as the Elves took to the stars and left their home behind, the effects of the plague took their toll on mind and body alike. If the Dominion’s scholars are to be believed, Elves once enjoyed lifespans of six or seven centuries, and carried in their veins a superior form of Mage Blood, allowing them to wield all manner of magics without the aid of catalysts or specialized tools.

The Imperial Elves

A majority of Colico’s elves hail from the Dominion of Charity- If not directly, then almost certainly through bloodlines that passed through the region at some point in the last millenia. Historically, the common majority of Elven kind were known as the Light Elves, though the term has fallen out of favor in the modern day. The term was first coined by the settlers of the First Dominion, in order to differentiate themselves from other races who inhabited the ‘dark corners’ of Colico, beyond the reach of their empire. To those same people, the term ‘Light Elves’ took on a far more literal meaning, refering to the fair complexion of most imperial Elves. This complexion is believed to have always been present in the Elves, but made more apparent in contrast to the displaced Asurans (who previously ruled over the Dominions’ lands) that tanned themselves working menial jobs in the country’s fields.

Most Elves in the present are known as Imperials, though this often causes confusion or unintended offense- All Elves typically fair complexion are called Imperials, including those who dwell in other nations, and may not have had Dominion citizenship in their family for generations. As the eastern empire’s history is long and full of tragedy, the Imperials have migrated across the planet’s surface in waves over centuries, forgoing the protection and hyper-modern comforts of the Dominion and integrating themselves into other societies to seek a safer life. At the same time, as empires ever seek to expand, not all Imperials abroad came as refugees- Some sailed westwards to conquer.

Elves of the Deep Woods

A short time before the founding of the First Dominion, either decades or centuries, a schism formed among the Elves landed on Colico, seeing a quarter of their population abandoned the east. Crossing the ocean, this migration passed the barren dunes of Arcadia, swept through the overlapped, warring kingdoms of the Migrant Sea, and eventually settled in lands that closely resembled the distant memory of Iris: The dark, verdant realm of Vhima Sola.

Making their homes beneath the dense canopies above, the Elves of the west would come to be known as the Deep Elves in ancient times and the present day alike, named for their elusive nature beyond the largely uncharted lands of Vhima Sola. Contrary to their Imperial cousins, the Elves of the west have maintained an incredibly isolationist stance towards the outside world for centuries, and thus the Deep Elves are a rare sight in other lands.

Those who venture into Vhima Sola unwanted- that is, almost everyone who ventures there- seldom make for reliable eye witnesses on what exactly the culture of the Deep Elves is: Adventures are crass with words and prone to exagerating, and scholars or colonists are particularly unloved. Along with Fae, a sparse few Humans and stranger denizens of the country, the Deep Elves are mostly known as proficient pirates and raiders that wander along the coasts and shallower depths of the Migrant Sea. Most who have interacted with them on agreeable terms describe them as having an odd aversion to many modern conveniences, though this doesn’t prevent the Deep Elven raiders from stealing precious electronics, firearms, and drums of Ivory Oil to be disappeared beneath the treetops. A famous story tells of a Dominion warship that ran aground of the Vhiman coast several centuries ago, which supposedly had its entire crew killed or abducted into the woods with the vessel left to rust and serve as warning to any who would try to push the troubles of modern world onto the Deep Elves.

As these Elves are not prone to wandering outside their own borders, most of them that wind up in other lands come from one of a few common backgrounds. The Vhimans are believed to have an extremely rigid and traditional culture that’s changed little in centuries, and those who fail to conform to it are typically exiled if they’re young, or met with a premature end if they’re an adult. Fresh exiles, and the children of those exiled many generations ago, make up the majority of Deep Elves abroad. Rarer, though becoming less so in the past century, Elven raiders may grow overly curious of the treasure they claim on the high seas, leading them to turn their back on their homeland and see the greater world with their own eyes.

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