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The world of Colico and the vast Galaxy that surrounds is home to countless denizens of all shapes and sizes. The races listed on this page are among the more abundant and well-known sentient races that have appeared in Colico's vicinity, and are sorted into Accessible and Restricted groups.

Accessible races are always available for Character Creation, and make up the most common and widespread races in the setting. Restricted races are largely the domain of NPC characters and foes in enemy encounters, but may still be played in certain scenarios depending on GM approval.

Accessible Races
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Humans || Elves || Silvi || Fetchers || Homuns || Fair Folk

Caravani || Goblins || Scythians || Sapha || Orcs || Kasarites

Restricted Races
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Kobolds || Chooks || Golems || Shadelings || Naga || Thumori

Keepers || Apolleans || Samsarans || Elementals || Yokai || Sylvans

Accessible Races

The most numerous, and perhaps most diverse, of Colico's different inhabitants. Malleable in body and soul alike, humans are gifted with a wide variety of different forms suited to every corner of the world.

The second most numerous race on Colico, Elves are known for their robust health, natural longevity, and magical talents. The largest groups of Elves are known to be conquerors (as in the Dominion) and isolationists (as in Vhima'sola) alike, but also integrate themselves into most other societies as well.

A minority even in their homeland, the Silvi (or Silvani to some) are a race of short, bipedal felines that were once far more numerous in centuries past, before many perished to a plague that spread throughout the Migrant Sea. Silvi possess a work ethic and ambition far beyond their diminutive size, and almost universally possess a sense of pride that is deeply tied to personal success and achievement.

A product of the Dominion's advanced arcano-chemistry, Fetchers are an artificial race superficially resembling Elves on the surface, but with considerably different biology beneath. Fetchers are made to serve as a mass labor force in the Dominion, in low-skill trades, office settings, and even as caretakers and companions in homes. On rare occasions, though, Fetchers find their way into the broader world…

An artificial and metallic race of humanoids planted onto Colico from a distant star many centuries ago, some Homuns are strikingly Human-like in appearance, while others bear a more imposing, armored, or mechanical appearance. Homuns are not born and do not 'die', but instead can persist through many lives in a single body. Each 'death' brings about a reset, sacrificing most memories and personal traits, but the Homuns remain persistent in many ways.

Fair Folk
True to their name, the Fair Folk (or 'Fae') are a people that value leisure, free-spirited pursuits and mysticism- Often in spite of a more structured modernity that surrounds them. The Fae span every corner of Colico and typically dwell in their own communes and enclaves- the 'Fair Quarters'- And are easily identified by their colorful, beautiful appearance and small, antler-like horns.

The Caravani (or just 'vani' for short) are a transient and eccentric race with a long history of distrust and exile throughout the different lands of Colico. Graced with the ability to alter their appearance entirely at will, the Caravani wear or carry unique enchanted masks to identify themselves, though this is often misunderstood by others and contributes to the vani being seen as deceitful. In modern times, many vani have begun to abandon their nomadic ways for a more permanent settlement in Silvania.

Among the more eccentric people of the galaxy are the Goblins, who make up for their short stature and lack of strength with great cunning and resourcefulness- As well as a knack for explosions and odd inventions. Goblins tend to cover their faces with masks, helmets, scarves or goggles that hide their large, toothy mouths, and occupy the fringes of nearly every society on Colico.

Thought by some to be a distant offshoot of Humans, the Scythians are hardy, powerful folk bearing bovine or goat-like features. Scythians are known to form large families bound together by clans, settling either peacefully or at odds with the world around them- Especially in the Orient and Occident, where their movements are considered a nuisance by regional governments…

Hailing from the cold, northern reaches of the Dominion's conquered territories, the Sapha tower above all other races by at least a foot or two and appear to be born of the mountains themselves. Sapha are covered in tough, dull-colored flesh from which roots, stones, or gems form and have lived in isolation since the beginning of recorded history. Despite their imposing appearance, Sapha are calm and inquisitive by nature, most favoring the life of a scholar or craftsman.

A people without a home or history, the Orcs make up some of the fiercest fighters and navigators across the seas and stars. Orcs almost universally value strength, whether it's literal muscles being flexed or acts of intimidation and a drive to compete. Most Orcs live solitary, integrated lives aboard ships, or form small clans to preserve their stories and traditions.

Often mistaken for Elves, the people of Kasaros are typically resourceful, pious, and driven to explore by nature. Kasarites are tempered by the inhospitable desert heat and near-constant infighting of factions on their home world, and have a rich culture of occultism based in pyromancy, solar magic, and the worship of thousands of gods.

Restricted Races

Few hunters and marksmen can hope to compete with the natural senses of the Kobolds, a stocky race of 'more canine than reptilian' folk that spread all across the Midlands. The Kobolds favor a nomadic existence across the plains and badlands, but in modern times, many take up a violent and extremely rewarding careers in mercenary outfits, especially in Serenidad.

The Chooks are a people localized to a small corner of Colico at the edge of the Sarasan Empire, thought to either vary wildly in shape and size, or are perhaps a collection of five or six related races. Chooks are feathered humanoids with the heads of birds and a rich tribal culture, though nowadays, most are second-class laborers in the Occidental lands…

Durable and fearless, Golems are humanoid puppets born of stone, steel and forbidden alchemy that make up nearly half of the Sarasan Empire's military and policing force. Unlike Homuns, Golems are often single-minded and emotionless, and cease to be when their core is destroyed. Some tell of the Sarasans turning criminals and dissidents into Golem husks, but those are mostly stories meant to scare children.

Beginning life as erratic sprites of Mana in the vacuum of space, Shadelings develop an inquisitive sentience and then a humanoid shape as they mature, adopting physical and personality traits from all who cross their path, while also being driven by an innate sense of wanderlust. Shadelings do not form societies, instead opting for lives of exploration and adventure, and are known to be some of the best navigators in space.

A reclusive but widespread folk, Naga come in many forms and dwell beneath the seas of Colico, Bohem, and Kasaros alike. Naga are aquatic humanoids of beautiful and monstrous varieties alike and dwell in numerous but small enclaves on the ocean floor. While rare, those that visit the surface or the stars are capable adventurers and mercenaries.

The Thumori are the oldest known people to have inhabited the Migrant Sea islands, they are demonic in appearance, bearing horns, chitinous scales, and myriad other features. It's hotly debated if the Thumori were spawned from the Deep Wells or an offshoot of humans born from alchemy and occult rituals.

Outsiders in every sense of the word, the Keepers are alien to the World Tree and the Cycles, and their civilization is thought to span many worlds and reach back to the time-murky days of gods. Keepers get their name from their fixation on capturing and harnessing magical forces, before they collectively disappeared from existence.

The primary of a distant, hegemonic power in the Sea of Stars, the Apolleans are considered to be one of the galaxy's progenitor races, and are blessed with strength, arcane prowess, and longevity far above all others, with a lifespan of four to six centuries. Apollean society is thought to be idyllic and Utopian, and as such, most that find their way to Colico are eccentrics, exiles, or solitary explorers by any other name…

Along with the Apolleans, the Samsarans are a seldom-seen people hailing from an alien expanse of the Sea of Stars, and are distinguished by their colorful flesh, twisted horns, and devilish tails. Samsarans are cunning and mystical by nature, and often possess a unique insight into the different Planes that grants them exotic magical prowess.

Known to most as simply 'talking animals', Elementals are spirits of nature's will that possess tremendous magical power and are typically bound to certain locations. Elementals are prominent in folk tales of the Fae and certain other groups, and considered good and ill omens alike.

The old magical folk of the Grand East and the Dominion's conquered territories, Yokai are said to have been a common sight before the Asuran Empire fell. Yokai were spirits that manifested as objects, beasts and humanoids alike, but in modern times, little remains of them save for statues in their likeness throughout the Orient.

The name 'Sylvan' applies to two distinct, but closely-related entities: Primarily, they are a race of immense, primordial trees bearing a hive-mind and intensely magical sap- But also, any humanoid that should drink their sap, and take on their floral qualities…

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