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Magic is a powerful force that exists throughout the Sea of Stars, as both a natural and supernatural force. Whether viewed through a lens of mysticism or scientific inquiry, magic is abundant throughout Colico and the Galaxy at large. Magic goes by many names- Mana, aether, energy, and others- But exists as a singular force in many forms. This page explains the nature, rules, and applications of magic.

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Magic in the Setting

Magic in the Setting

Magic may appear in the world, within living things, and

Magic in Nature

Magic is both a natural, and supernatural force. Scientifically speaking, this means that magic occurs in nature, but exists as excess matter and energy in the universe. Not all things in the universe are made of magic, but all things can potentially be affected by it.

All magic that exists has a tendency (Aspected or Negative) and a form (Field, Crystal, or Materia.) The tendencies of magic are as follows:

  • Aspected magic is magic that aligns with one (or several) of the 20 Major Arcana. The Arcana give magic its appearance, tangible properties, function and nature. The Arcana exist as abstractions, and do not have strict strengths, weaknesses and opposites between each other.
  • Negative magic is magic that lacks any Major Arcana to give it shape and function. Negative magic exists like a vacuum. Unless it is isolated and left dormant, Negative magic will react to the forces around it, and take on one (or more) Major Arcana.
  • Put Simply: Magic possessing an Arcana is to being on fire what magic being Negative is to being covered in flammable oil.

Magic can appear in three forms, which encompass all possible things. These forms are Fields, Crystals, and Materia. Each of these forms can be Aspected or Negative, as well.

  • Fields are the most common and abundant form magic takes. Fields are areas where magic is active, and can be drawn upon. Fields occupy the air, and can be tangible or intangible. Fields exist both within Colico's atmosphere and within the space between worlds.
  • Crystals are Magic Fields given solid, physical form. Crystals are typically more concentrated and 'pure' than Fields, but not always. Stable crystals hold their magical force within, where Unstable crystals radiate their magical force outwards. Unstable crystals are not necessarily unsafe to handle.
  • Materia refers to any tangible, physical object that holds magical force or magical properties within it. This can include soil and plants that have been affected by a magical Field, or weapons and armor that have had magic effects imbued upon them, as examples.

Magic in People

Humans, Elves, Goblins and all the sentient denizens of the Galaxy lack any sort of capacity for casting spells in the conventional manner. The capacity for wielding magic as a weapon is not a muscle that can be hardened, or a skill that can be developed, because living creatures do not possess Fields or Arcana within them.

Living things, however, do possess a Negative tendency within and around their bodies, like an Aura. As Negative magic is reactive with Aspected magic, no one is able to cast spells of their own, but people can trigger or activate magical effects in devices and Materia that contain them.

The Negative tendency of living things, or their Aura, carries a few properties, and a few exceptions.

  • Auras are always Negative in nature. One's Aura can only take on an Arcana temporarily, or through (often dangerous) means of Alchemy, body modification, or other things.
  • The Density of an Aura in all living things is typically very small. Rarely, a person may be gifted with an Aura of a higher Density.
    • Having a denser Aura makes a person more reactive to the ebb and flow of magic around them. Fields that are intangible to others can be felt by them, and they can make use of magical objects and Materia to greater effect.
    • Having a denser Aura makes a person more susceptible to all Aspected magic, both helpful and harmful.
    • Those with a very dense Aura can manipulate the Negative Magic within and around them, without the use of technology or Materia. This practice falls under the Magic School of Psionics.
  • When a person dies, their Aura dissipates soon after.
  • Certain races, such as the Kasarites, have small, innate magical abilities. These are made possible, generally, by possessing trace amounts of Materia in one's body.

Magic in Technology

Magic in the world of Colico, and the greater Galaxy that surrounds it, is most effectively harnessed through artificial means. Countless pieces of technology that make the modern world possible harness magical forces in a minor or major way. Technology that makes use of magic can be Catalytic in nature.

  • Catalysts are objects with contained magical spells or effects that can be activated. Wands, magical tools, crystal jewelry and enchanted boxes with spells in them are all examples of Catalysts.
  • Catalytic objects cover a broader range of items, which make use of magic passively. Any object made with Materia, like an enchanted sword or a tome of spells, can be considered Catalytic, but they are not always Catalysts.
  • A lot of technology makes use of magic in very subtle, very minor ways, to a degree that is largely insignificant to anyone with an eye for the arcane. Technology that lacks a sufficient amount of magic to be considered Catalytic is not necessarily devoid of magic, but is immune to the potentially negative effects of it.
    • Put Simply:This means that a magic wand may behave strangely in the presence of a magic Field, but a radio that makes use of a pair of AA-magic batteries probably will not.
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