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The Kingdom of Vhima Sola


Leaders Unknown
Ruling Body Noble Caste, City Elders
Population ~2,400,000
Founding Date Unknown, est. ~1800-2100
Capital Old Geffenia
Largest City Old Geffenia
Racial Distribution -
Climate Extreme, overgrown rainforest, jungle and marshlands, humid all year round.
Industries Magical Craft, Luxury Goods, Exotic Poaching, Alchemy
Beliefs Worship of a physical manifestation of Irminsul, communion with Elementals and Fae deities.
Modernity Scarce access to ringer/EV networks and motorboats in open ports, assumed reliance on traditional living or magitech alternatives to modern conveniences inland.



Cities & Settlements


The Hidden Kingdom

  • Avidion :: x
  • Geffenia :: x
  • Umbala :: x

Independent Towns

  • ? :: x
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