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The Barony of Serenidad


Leaders -
Ruling Body -
Population ~22,300,000
Founding Date 2230
Capital Frontera
Largest City Alberta
Racial Distribution -
Climate Temperate/semi-tropical woodlands and plains to the east, arid savanna along southwest coast.
Industries Agriculture, Alcohol Brewing, Ship Construction
Beliefs Regional folklore related to harvest deities and historical figures, strong cultural distaste for occultism.
Modernity Technologically modern cities and urban centers, most conveniences more scarce in the countryside due to low wealth.



Cities & Settlements


Barony Cities

  • Frontera :: x
  • Al Darta:: x
  • Azlude :: x
  • Baeon :: x
  • Clementine :: x
  • Gobton :: x
  • Keffen :: x
  • Middel :: x
  • Vinevale :: x

Independent Towns

  • Heidelberg :: x
  • Vasara :: x
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