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The Scorching Sea

Sprawled across the northern half of the Midlands is the Scorching Sea, a rippling surface of sand and stone. The heart of this territory is, true to its name, a vast expanse of inhospitable sand dunes entirely without civilization. From space, it's said that one can sea the coiled bones of an enormous, serpentine dragon half-buried in the sands, though only those who explore the land on their own can be certain.

Beyond the uninhabitable core, the Scorching Sea's fringes are slightly cooler and greener, and remote settlements of frontier dwellers and people of no nation are rumored to be common. It's unknown if the desert was more populous in ancient times, though there are more than a few adventurer's tales of lost cities buried beneath the sands.

The Scorching Sea is believed to have been far, far smaller in antiquity, if the writings of pre-Dominion Elven scholars are to be believed. Climate changes over the past 1000 years are believed to have seen the desert expand eastwards and 'swallow' the land of Schwarzvalt, which used to be a realm of temperate highlands.

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