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The Sarasa Empire


Leaders The Eternal Empress
Ruling Body The Imperial Ministry & Provincial Monarchies
Population ~138,500,000
Founding Date 2364
Capital Rashel
Largest City Rashel
Racial Distribution -
Climate Dry, sandy deserts, canyons, savanna and grasslands across the mainland, various volcanic and tropical islands between. Varies between provinces.
Industries Alchemy, Textiles, Agriculture, Spices, Magical Goods
Beliefs Theocratic rule and widespread occultism across the Empire, with regional belief systems/traditions tolerated to varying degrees. One of the only parts of the world to allow legal practice of necromancy and summoning. Extreme cultural permissiveness towards alchemical drug use.
Modernity Strong urban/rural disparity. Traditional, agrarian living across most of the country, 2/3 regular access to electricity. Urban centers rely on magical alternatives to most modern conveniences. Open ports and tourists areas fully modernized with imported technology.



Cities & Settlements


Arunafeltz Province

  • Rashel :: x
  • Birabuto:: x
  • Penemue :: x
  • Veins :: x

Sograt Province

  • Morroc :: x
  • Abaddon :: x
  • Golgatha :: x
  • Pharos :: x

Island Provinces

  • Chai :: x
  • Eastpoint :: x
  • Sahjaza :: x
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