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The Gold Coast

Northwest of the Quattori mainland and southwest of Vhima Sola lies the Gold Coast, a small archipelago of islands that spans most of the gap between its neighbors. The Gold Coast lacks any formal governing body- At least, one recognized by the powers that be- And is considered a haven for pirates, smugglers, traffickers and far less pleasant sorts across the Migrant Sea.

Quattori Barons have had their eye on the territory since the early days of the Barony's founding, only about three centuries before the present. Though no open conflict has erupted between the two groups of islands, it's a poorly kept secret that El Quattor's moneyed interests have made more than a few trade deals with the Gold Coast's well-to-do criminals… And a few precise, small-scale military incursions with the less well-to-do criminals.

The Gold Coast's largest city is Chaliceport, believed to currently be ruled by a cartel of Goblin arms dealers. While the islands of the Gold Coast are mostly lawless, outbreaks of violence tend to be extremely sparse and short-lived. A sizable population of farmers, fishermen, and otherwise normal people is believed to live in the Gold Coast as well, with little relation to the territory's criminal element… besides feeding them and maintaining the day-to-day of its villages.

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