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The Barony of El Quattor


Leaders Atticus Blacklane III (Baron), Gawaine Landry (Baron), Helena Auzenne (Baroness), Alma Romero (Baroness)
Ruling Body High Houses of the Barony
Population 32,100,000
Founding Date 2700
Capital Brasilis
Largest City Dorado
Racial Distribution -
Climate Arid, rocky badlands and plains across the Dorado mainland, humid swamps and rainforests throughout eastern half of the country. Miscellaneous tropical islands around.
Industries Entertainment, Automotives, Agriculture (Fruit, Cocoa, Drugs), Fishing
Beliefs Ancestor/Hero Worship, regional belief in sea-based deities, widespread practice of occultism.
Modernity Cheap and widespread access to modern conveniences in cities and countryside alike, except for scarcity of doctors and medical professionals.



Cities & Settlements


Dorado State

  • Azalea :: x
  • Dorado :: x
  • Madelin :: x
  • New Elysium :: x

Victoria State

  • Aquitaine :: x
  • Cabaret :: x

Island Cities

  • Brasilis :: x
  • Comodo :: x
  • Jawaii :: x
  • Malangdo :: x
  • Meridia :: x
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