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The Dominion of Charity

The Dominion stands head and shoulders above all other nations on Colico as the planet's dominant force, ruling over much of the Orient directly and most of the remainder indirectly through client states that have allied or surrendered to their forces throughout history. The Dominion boasts vastly superior technology over the rest of Colico, and controls almost all space transit across the planet.

The Dominion's history reaches back a thousand years, and begins with their conquest of the old Asuran Empire. Though the Dominion's victory was absolute, most of Asura's culture was absorbed and remains prevalent to this day. The Dominion is presently in a state of decline, with a stagnating economy and a feud between numerous heirs for the imperial throne.

Leaders The Emperor
Ruling Body The Royal Dynasty
Population 258,900,000
Founding Date 2001
Capital Charity
Largest City Charity
Racial Distribution -
Climate Temperate, rocky plains and woodlands, heavy mist and cloud cover year-round, save for summer. Varies wildly among fringe territories.
Industries Spacefare, Magitech, Ivory Oil Production, Alcohol Brewing
Beliefs Most Religion, Mysticism, and Occultism prohibited or heavily restricted by law.
Modernity Extreme urban/rural disparity. Majority of the country enjoys the most advanced technology and convenience on Colico. Outside the capital, strong reliance on pre-modern, salvaged technology for industrial farming.

The Conquest of Asura & The First Dominion

Any and all historical accounts of the early days of the Dominion are shrouded in mystery, and with good cause. The nation takes its name from its capital city, Charity, and the most records of its history begin with the city's founding by the first Imperial Dynasty. Reliable records of events prior to this are hard to come by as they are seldom released in full due to government censors, and those that do make it out of the Dominion are often paid for in blood.

Based on what scant resources are public, most scholars agree that the Elves first arrived on Colico between the years 300-600, and occupied a remote, mountainous region abundant with crater lakes in the northeast Orient for over a thousand years. At the turn of the 20th Century, a widespread famine or natural disaster- the exact events are uncertain- forced the Elves of the northeast to march west into the Asuran Empire to forcibly claim new lands.

The Elves and Asurans waged war for over 80 years, as the former carved out one stronghold after another in hostile territory. Though significantly outnumbered by the Asurans, the Elves brought with them a vast technological advantage: Airships that dominated the skies, automatic firearms that pierced the thickest of armors, and countless industrial Servitors repurposed into war machines allowed the pre-Dominion forces to match the strength of many dozens of Asuran Imperial soldiers with only a single unit or two on the battlefield.

The key deciding factor in the Dominion's eventual victory, however, may have been the Elves' ability to exploit existing divisions within the Asuran Empire and acquire allies as the 80 years of conquest carried on. A vast underclass of rural peasants was spread far and wide outside the bounds of Asura's cities, and many would eagerly defect into the pre-Dominion forces where they were trained as infantry and armed. The lords and ruling class of Imperial territory far from the capital of Louyang would negotiate with the Elves as well, offering to withhold their forces from reinforcing Asura's armies in exchange for maintaining regional control of their lands on Dominionist terms.

Eventually, in the early days of the 2000s, the Imperial capital of Louyang fell, and the Asuran Emperor and Empress would surrender the majority of the continent. The new metropolis of Charity was build around, and in places, above the old city of Louyang in only 30 years, expanding the city limits to almost four times their original size, and bringing a wave of industrialization that transformed life in the Orient drastically. With an abundance of work and laborers, the convenience of automation, and the peace of mind that came with the end of nearly a century of warfare across the East, the First Dominion would be founded with a golden age that lasted for generations.

The Second Dominion: Rising From the Ashes

By the early 2300s, the Dominion would find the prosperity of its founding stagnating, before falling into sharp decline. As the post-war population evened out, the industries built around exponential growth and city expansion collapsed. The complete industrialization of the Orient saw many old markets- Paper-making, traditional textiles, animal husbandry, and the training of conventional armed forces like the samurai become obsolete, leading to many of the Asuran noble clans that sided with the Dominionists losing their livelihood.

In 2342, the excessive urban sprawl and failing infrastructure of Charity culminated in the eruption of one of the city's main power plants. Over 2000 plant workers and civilians living nearby were killed in the initial explosion, followed by anywhere from 25-40,000 less than a week later, as one of the immense city platforms build above the old capital of Louyang collapsed, crushing everyone beneath and rendering the district above completely irreparable. Half of the city of Charity would be without power for 20 years, improving only to 2/3 without power by 30 years.

Amid the widespread unrest in the capital, the Dominion arranged a gradual, difficult reconstruction effort in the area surrounding the devastated power plant, and in doing so, discovered the boon of Ivory Oil. A rich deposit of the miraculous energy source was found beneath the wreckage, and as the last Emperor of the First Dominion passed with no heirs, a new bloodline would seize the throne and capitalize on their quick adaption to the empire's new prized resource.

Beginning formally in the year 2400, the Second Dominion was founded under an image of rediscovered potential for growth and recovery after the collapse of the first. The new Imperial Dynasty would devote a fortune to unlocking the secrets of Ivory Oil, and the Dominion would enjoy a renaissance of new magitechnology and scientific discovery built around it. As the capital city recovered by the mid 25th century, the Dominion would launch a fleet of new, devastatingly powerful war machines to conquer the northern reaches of the continent, including the ancestral lands of the Sapha and other isolated nations.

As the Second Dominion carried on, however, not all of the nations' troubles would be mended. The quick disappearance of wealth and opportunity outside the capital saw many of the old Asuran Clans dissolved as their nobles fell to poverty and their people moved to Charity in search of work. From one Dynasty to the next, the Dominion's leadership would devote tremendous resources to strengthening the capital at the expense of the mainland. The old roads and machines of industry that connected the Dominion's many prefectures to eachothers fell into disrepair, and after 300 years of industrialization, the new Asuran underclass that covered the countryside would be ill-prepared to sustain themselves without automation.

The Fall of the Second & Civil War

The Second Dominion built its prosperity on the incredible potential of Ivory Oil, and would continue to reap the benefits of its reserves and uses in magitech well into the modern day. Wars of conquest without end would become the norm, as the Dominion expanded further and further across the Orient, claiming smaller nations under their banners and erecting permanent military installations wherever a full-scale invasion was deemed infeasible. In spite of the empire's growing wealth and power through the spoils of war, the discontent that festered across the countryside would begin finding its way into the streets of Charity.

For all of the Second Dominion's growth, many would find that life for the average citizen had not significantly improved following the collapse of the First. The wonders achieved through Ivory Oil machinery were out of reach to all but the wealthiest denizens of Charity, the ruins of districts lost to platform collapse and power shortages were cleared and gentrified, preventing their original inhabitants from returning, and generations of Dominionists that made their livelihood serving in the military would find themselves growing increasingly obsolete as the machines of war grew more advanced.

In the late 27th Century, the Dominion expanded its reach beyond the Orient for the first time, sailing west to claim colonies across the Migrant Sea and bring their vast network of trade routes under the imperial banner. With the only major power in the region, Serenidad, confined to the mainland and paralyzed by internal struggles, Dominion leadership promised the conquest of the petty, divided baronies- Dorado, Brasilis, Victoria, Meridia, Laika, Prester and Sessney- would come quickly and without tremendous resistance.

Commencing in 2687, the Dominion's westward push would later become known as the Blood Tide, considered by many to be among the most horrific theaters of war in recent history. Despite having the technological advantage of Ivory Oil and its associated war machines, the Dominion was in its infancy as a naval power, and inexperienced in fighting on unfamiliar terrain. The conquest of the nearest states, Laika and Prester, came without significant losses, but stretched on for over a year longer than Dominion forces predicted.

With time to meet and deliberate, the various states of the Migrant Sea recognized the threat of the Second Dominion and set aside historical differences and quickly formed an alliance to prepare for invasion. With no hope to match the force of the empire in direct warfare, the baronies abandoned the eastern front of their isles to lull the Dominion Navy into narrow straits and inland bogs. Imperial warships were fired upon from all sides, occupied cities were razed to the ground by their inhabitants, and in an act that the Dominion condemns as a war crime to this day, Queen Anne of the Barony of Victoria employed the art of necromancy on a mass scale, raising a legion of fallen Dominion soldiers to rip their former comrades limb from limb.

With no choice but to retreat, the Dominion Navy returned to the Orient in tatters, and the promise of true prosperity and a bright future from conquering the Southern Isles had gone up in smoke. As of 2712, the poor, rural Asurans of the countryside, the downtrodden of the capital, and the traumatized forces of the Navy came together across several different fronts and civil war would break out across the Dominion. Clinging to power, the nation's leaders would turn their war machines against their own people for decades.

As the fighting raged on, many Asurans with no will to fight over the capital of Charity migrated south to a chain of islands on the fringes of the Orient, founding the modern Kingdom of Asura in 2733. The Asurans met no resistance in doing so, as the Dominion's Navy had been all but abolished.

In the years that followed on the mainland, the revolting forces in the Dominion's civil war would become divided, forming numerous factions. While not always working towards the same ends, the Imperial Citadel was captured in 2751, wherein the Emperor and every member of their bloodline down to the last teenager was executed. This marked the end of the Second Dominion, and the beginning of a violent power vacuum that left the city without leadership for nearly a decade.

The Third Dominion: An Empire in Stagnation

The Dominion begins to reclaim its place as one of Colico's two superpowers as new leadership takes the throne in 2760. A new Emperor rises from the obscurity of an Ex-Naval militia, after seizing control of the Servitors of War that returned from the Blood Tide in functional condition and waging a violent campaign to restore law and order in the streets of the nation's capital. The Dominion's borders shrink anew as territories on the fringes of the empire revolt and claim independence, and despite the gradual return of normalcy within Charity, the air is tense with widespread suspicion over the new 'bastard, warmonger' bloodline in power.

With the citizenry of the new Third Dominion exhausted from a long series of wars abroad and at home, and jaded from the failed promises of the previous Dominion's royalty, the new Dynasty opts to keep their messaging simple and direct, promising little and organizing to restore stability through authoritative action. For a time, the Dominion closes its borders to the outside world, leaving liberated territories be and putting citizenry to work on reconstruction. By 2800, the Dominion turns its sole foreign policy towards the fledgling Kingdom of Asura to its south, and succeeds in forming a trade treaty and installing a puppet governor.

By the early 29th Century, the Dominion relaxes into an uneasy peace, as confidence in the Emperor's legitimacy remains low, but living conditions in the capital improve just enough to prevent another insurrection. Dominion leadership turns its attention to the future, and in 2813, a new hope is born in the Orient: Scientists unveil the first 'truly human' artificial life-form, born from wondrous magitech and fully formed as intelligent beings, the Fetchers. Promising to surpass domestic Servitors and liberate the common citizen from the exhaustive existence of menial jobs, the Fetchers are quickly distributed across the Dominion to serve as enthusiastic, unpaid workers. Within 10 years, the burden of child care, office work, factory jobs, and farming the countryside- among many other pursuits- are tended to by a 2:1 majority of Fetchers to citizens.

The world beyond the Dominion's borders begins to modernize fully, with the advent of a global network for EV and Ringer technology by the 2850's, and the growing ease of travel to and from other planets in the years prior. The Dominion continues to rule with a soft hand, placing strict, unannounced restrictions on media and information throughout the country, and turning the force of their reunified military inwards to quell prefecture rebellions and protests over the ethics of the use of Fetchers, who now make up the second largest racial demographic in the Dominion after the Elves.

Life stagnates through the into the late 30th Century. As the expenses and work of living is largely mitigated by the Fetcher population, the previously cynical and agitated citizenry grows content with the world. Those that do not seek military service, or high-skilled, scholarly careers furthering the Dominion's scientific pursuits live comfortably, and spend a majority of their days seeking fame or indulging in their vices.

The Third Dominion settles into its place among the other nations of Colico. As foreign leaders no longer see the empire of the Orient as the threat it once was, a vast black market is formed by people willing to pass in and out of the Dominion's borders, exporting magitechnology and Free Fetchers while spreading rumors and insurrectionary whispers among the citizenry to reclaim independence for long-conquered territories… None of which succeeds, on account of either a lack of fighting spirit among the Dominionists, or a swift, violent response from the nation's militarized lawkeepers.

The Aurora Project

Before the turn of the new millenium, a growing unease spreads across the Dominion with regard to the future of the royal bloodline. Despite the Third's long-held stability and lack of wars, the citizenry have always maintained a suspicion towards their leaders' violent rise to power and failure to inspire the nation through charisma. Old by the late 30th Century, and a husk of a man in the present day, the Emperor creates an unexpected stir in 2985 as the Dominion unveils the Aurora Project to the world.

Across Charity and every EV screen throughout the Dominion, the Emperor directs the nation's attention towards the skies above, as a cascade of vivid, neon waves and prisms erupts outwards from the capital, before covering most of the planet's atmosphere in under 48 hours. The Dominion announces to the world its creation of 'Aurora'- A prismatic shell of mana, produced by obscure magitechnical means, that will fry the engines of any ship traveling to or from Colico without the authorization of Charity. As a show of force to maintain global order and economic harmony throughout the Orient throughout the coming centuries, the Dominion will be the sole authority on the frontier of space, and all states on Colico that wish to profit off the treasures and riches of the Sea of Stars will be required to follow a non-aggression treaty.

Overnight, the neon waves across the sky dim, and to the present day, only the occasional, faintly visible wave resembling powerful electric currents ripples through the atmosphere. Without a single bullet fired, the Third Dominion coaxes the rest of Colico's nations into withdrawing all outward and concealed hostilities. As of the turn of 3019, however, the Emperor enters his final days of old age, and the world within and without the Dominion's borders watches with baited breath as more than one heir covets the throne.

Cities & Settlements


Charity City

  • Downtown Charity :: x
  • Waterfront :: x
  • Old Town :: x
  • Starbank :: x
  • Nuyang Harbor :: x

Mainland Dominion

  • Ambrose :: x
  • Heikita :: x
  • Malaya :: x
  • Yomi :: x
  • Yuen Long :: x
  • Zhunan :: x
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