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Darkhalzen Territory

Beyond the sprawling veil of the Hidden Kingdom, Vhima Sola, lies a strange, shadowy mirror of a neighbor known only as Darkhalzen. True to its name, the small chain of islands makes up a dark blemish on the planet's surface, where a veil of perpetual night seems to cover Darkhalzen entirely- It's well known that the nation's sky is artificial in nature, though whatever ancient magics or hyper-advanced device is capable of generating it remains a mystery.

Darkhalzen is a rocky, temperate land made up of a single, vast cityscape that covers the southern coast of its largest island, with a number of smaller settlements connected by railroads. The state is a bastion of modernity, full of skyscrapers, airships, and technological wonders otherwise only seen in the Dominion of Charity, or cities like New Elysium.

Unlike the rest of Colico, Darkhalzen is the only major territory in the world to practice some form of democracy in its government. While officially ruled by a President that's voted on every two years, the factions with the greatest sway over the territory's politics are its Mega-Corporations: UMBRA, Rekkenber, and Kafra, making up the first, second and third largest of them…

Aside from this, Darkhalzen is also known to be extremely unwelcoming of immigrants, with visitors to the shadowy islands expected to only take part in tourism, buy things, and then leave. Aside from feeding into conspiracy theories regarding the nature of Darkhalzen's citizens- The most popular being that most of them are dead, or vampiric in some way- These things are often cited by people abroad as examples of why democratic forms of government don't work, or are at least founded on some amount of deceit.

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