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The Kingdom of Asura


Leaders The Emperor and The Governor
Ruling Body Council Government of Asura
Population ~45,600,000
Founding Date 2733
Capital Amatsu
Largest City Heoi
Racial Distribution -
Climate Diverse mix of tropical woods and marshlands, arid plains, snow-capped mountains. Abundance of volcanic islands.
Industries Fishing, Agriculture (Rice, Tea Herbs), Manufacturing
Beliefs Ancestor worship and complex mysticism, communion with Elementals and belief in Yokai.
Modernity Technologically modern cities and urban centers, most conveniences more scarce in the countryside due to low wealth.



Cities & Settlements


  • Amatsu :: x
  • Anime Town :: x
  • Ayothaya :: x
  • Dewata :: x
  • New Yomi :: x
  • Shen Long :: x
  • Suzaku :: x
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