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Aldebaran, the Coral Kingdom

Between the Baronies of El Quattor and Serenidad, a monumental reef of giant coral formations and Water-aligned crystals that's said to have risen and sunken out of the waters of the Migrant Sea on a dozen different occasions over the last few centuries. While technically considered to be international waters, a half-century old settlement, the City-State of Aldebaran, is nestled between the craggy rocks and shimmering corals.

While colloquially dubbed 'The Coral Kingdom', Aldebaran itself is a stateless municipality governed by a small council of elected locals that oversea most day-to-day affairs and rules in the city walls. Without a military or any significant police force, the city remains dependent on the good will of its larger, neighboring nations to occasionally invest in projects and business ventures in the city, while punishing smugglers that may try to take unlawful advantage of the independent port.

At its heart, Aldebaran is a city of magicians, scientists, and researchers- The largest organized group within the city is the Alchemists' Guild, which routinely organizes expeditions into the peculiar landscape surrounding the city and, occasionally, more adventures dives into the half-sunken ruins nestled between the rainbow-tinted reefs.

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