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The Major Powers | The Three Continents | Celestial Bodies

World Setting

The world of Colico and its neighboring realms throughout the Sea of Stars is a vast, diverse, and mysterious setting. The pages below provide a starting point to learning about the different states, regions, and places of interest throughout the setting.

The Major Powers

The six nations listed below are considered the Major Powers, due to their vast reach and influence in a myriad ways. This includes the world's great collectives, the Empire of Sarasa and the Dominion of Charity, as well as smaller, less conquest-minded nations that have coincidentally been at the heart of major historical events.

The term Major Powers is seldom if ever used in-character. For all intents and purposes, the Major Powers are the most significant part of Colico's setting. They are the places the story will focus on most, and the ones you should probably familiarize yourself with first.

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El Quattor | Vhima Sola | Serenidad | The Dominion | Asura | Sarasa

The Barony of El Quattor

In the middle of the Migrant Sea are the islands of El Quattor, which make up the crossroads between the three continents. The nation makes up a melting pot of cultures and histories, built on the ruins of ancient warring kingdoms and born in fire and violence as several smaller city-states banded together to resist the Dominion's conquest.

Though neither the most populous or wealthiest nation on Colico, El Quattor's unique position between many other countries and the relative permissiveness of its government has made it a place of opportunity for countless travelers looking to build a future. For all the culture and able bodies that migrants into Quattori waters bring, however, just as many good souls fall into a rabbit hole of occult forces and criminal enterprises that are woven thick into the Barony's make-up…

The capital of El Quattor is Brasilis, and the most numerous races of its population are Humans, Fair Folk, and Goblins.


✧ ✦ ✧

The Kingdom of Vhima Sola

Dubbed 'the Hidden Kingdom', Vhima Sola is a verdant, mystical power in the Midlands covered almost entirely a canopy of impenetrable great-trees and arcane haze, concealing all its settlements and wonders from the curious eye of satellites high above. Few travelers are allowed a single step beyond the two ports that the Vhimans have opened for trade, and as a result, most accounts of life within the Hidden Kingdom come from trespassing poachers or exiles.

The people of Vhima Sola are known to forego most technologies that are commonplace in the rest of the world, relying almost entirely on mysticism and clever, ancient magics to go through daily life. A deeply arcane-minded and spiritual folk, Vhimans belief their woods are home to a physical manifestation of the World Tree, Irminsul, which many poets and artisans through the ages have spoken dearly of, and a handful of scholars have waved aside as 'merely a very, very big great-tree.'

The capital of Vhima Sola is Old Geffenia, and the most numerous races of its population are Elves, Caravani, and Fair Folk.


✧ ✦ ✧

The Barony of Serenidad

Spanning the broad, fertile plains and river-valleys of the southern Midlands lies the Barony of Serenidad, known to many as the 'breadbasket' of the Migrant Sea for its sprawling vineyards and farmlands. Founded nearly a millenia ago when the first Human settlers drove the native Kobolds northwards, and maintained relative stability in the face of various occult terrors that threatened the nation, Serenidad is one of the oldest and most storied states on the continent.

This stability, of course, has come at a price- To sustain its own in permanently hostile territory, the Barony of Serenidad functions more like a monarchy, where the High Baron and his formidable military rule with strict authority, and the disparity between common folk and noble class is wide. A storm of intrigue and deception is always brewing between the powerful guilds, the discontent lower class, and the dark, elusive forces that haunt the realm, and may be ready to grow into a greater conflict soon with little warning.

The capital of Serenidad is Frontera, and the most numerous races of its population are Humans, Scythians, and Goblins.


✧ ✦ ✧

The Dominion of Charity

The Dominion stands head and shoulders above all other nations on Colico as the planet's dominant force, ruling over much of the Orient directly and most of the remainder indirectly through client states that have allied or surrendered to their forces throughout history. The Dominion boasts vastly superior technology over the rest of Colico, and controls almost all space transit across the planet.

The Dominion's history reaches back a thousand years, and begins with their conquest of the old Asuran Empire. Though the Dominion's victory was absolute, most of Asura's culture was absorbed and remains prevalent to this day. The Dominion is presently in a state of decline, with a stagnating economy and a feud between numerous heirs for the imperial throne.

The capital of the Dominion is Charity, and the most numerous races of its population are Elves, Fetchers, and Humans.


✧ ✦ ✧

The Kingdom of Asura

The modern territory of Asura exists as a pale shadow of its former self, spanning only a few over-crowded isles below the Oriental mainland, where the Asuran Empire of old covered nearly the entire continent. Asura is ruled by an Emperor and Empress, descended from the imperial bloodline of yore with only ceremonial powers at best, as well as an ineffectual Governor with many transparent ties to the Dominion of Charity.

In its current form, Asura was founded only a bit over three centuries ago when the Second Dominion's forces were withdrawn from the region on account of civil war, but the traditions and culture of Asurans are some of the most ancient on Colico still practiced today. The nation struggles with overpopulation and terrible poverty, which has lead to many of its people seeking refuge abroad, or taking up arms to right historical wrongs…

The capital of Asura is Amatsu, and the most numerous races of its population are Humans and Orcs.


✧ ✦ ✧

The Sarasa Empire

Known as the Land of the Setting Sun, Sarasa stands alongside the Dominion as one of Colico's great superpowers- Albeit taking a far more arcane and isolationist path than their counterpart. Sarasa is a land governed by a cultural permissiveness, to the point of outright hedonism, that alienates many and draws in a special few. Mind-altering herbs, shape-altering potions, drinks that allow one to commune with devils, and reanimating a loved one's corpse to celebrate their passing are all common sites in the Occidental empire.

Sarasa spans all of the grand and miniscule islands of the Far West, and claimed these lands centuries ago when- If historians of the area are to be believed- The Sarasan Empress who wields the power of divinity and immortality turned half of the Sograt Desert into solid crystal, prompting all its neighboring kingdoms to surrender to a young Sarasa's imperial might. The Empire keeps its citizens in, and most visitors out, save for a few tourist-appropriate ports, and is known to harbor fugitives and warlords from worlds over for the right price.

The capital of Sarasa is Rashel, and the most numerous races of its population are Humans, Caravani, and Scythians.


The Three Continents

Colico's surface made up of several grand landmasses, the Three Continents, upon which a majority of the world's inhabitants and cultures live. At the center of most maps lies the Midlands, made up of a mainland of diverse landscapes and thousands of islands to the south of it, ruled over by numerous independent nations.

The countries and territories of the Midlands are…

To the east lies the Orient, also called the Grand East by the Elves, standing as the largest of the Continents. The Orient mostly consists of a temperate, mist-covered mainland, ruled over almost entirely by the Dominion of Charity. Connected to the southeast tip of the mainland is a smaller landmass, the Far East, home to a number of free and colonial nations.

The countries and territories of the Orient are…

To the west lies the Occident, made of a triad of three large landmasses and countless islands around them. The Occident is ruled entirely by the Empire of Sarasa, and boasts the warmest climate of all Colico's continents.

The countries and territories of the Occident are…

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Celestial Bodies

Beyond the boundary of Colico's highest skies, numerous worlds both distant and far populate this corner of the Sea of Stars. Though few worlds are as populated or diverse as Colico itself, a long history of ancient space travel and shared cultures can be observed between the worlds and celestial bodies detailed below…

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