Server Hiatus 2018

As of the start of 2018, our adventures in the world of Colico are presently on hiatus! What's up?

A substantial update, revision, and expansion of the world setting and homebrew tabletop system, beginning late last year, is in the works. For the time being, our adventures are on hold to allow time for me to complete these updates and prepare for the future of the setting.

You may notice some strange quirks on the website, like background images and headers not loading or certain links leading to dead pages. Following our move to a new domain at the turn of the new year, there small errors like these that will be addressed before the server re-opens.

In the mean time, if a tabletop adventure through a custom RO server interests you, I recommend you visit the sister server, Aurora, where I will be running a few different adventures.

We appreciate your interest and support of the server, even during our periods of down time, and hope you remain as excited for what the future holds as we do! –Sage

Colico: A Colorful, Cosmic Frontier

Welcome to Colico: A unique Ragnarok Online role-playing server, set in a high fantasy world flung into the distant future.

New players can read about the server below, and get started by signing up and introducing themselves on the forums!

Considering joining our community, or have questions about how things work? Come talk to us on our Official Discord Channel and get set up with fellow players!

About the Server...

The world of Colico is a far departure from previous Ragnarok Online RP servers. Though bits and pieces of RO's story and lore are recycled nostalgically, and familiar names pop up here and there, Colico is an entirely different world than Rune-Midgard, expressed through countless custom maps, sprites, and a deep library of history and lore to dig into.

This server is an ambitious project, made by veterans of the RO private server development and roleplaying communities alike. We use a highly-modified, but up-to-date and cleanly operating 2017 kRO client; One that is many months ahead of even most non-RP servers.

In regards to roleplaying, we strive to be accessible, fair, and most importantly, fun. An adult level of maturity is expected among players, especially as some parts of the setting and the stories in it relate to mature themes. RP is moderated, and we aspire to build a welcoming, quality community.

How do I join?

Totally new to the server? No worries! Check out the New Player's Guide to get started!

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